Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Netanyahu Talks a Good Game About Independence and Self-Defense, But . . .

The only problem with Netanyahu's bold statement in favor of self-defense is that it comes without any noticeable effort on his part to reform Israel's very restrictive gun laws. That last sentence might come as something of a surprise here in the U.S., where many seem to believe that Israeli citizens enjoy quite light regulation of their right to keep and bear arms. According to (a site run from a strongly anti-gun perspective, but still offering a great deal of useful information about gun laws around the world), the reality is far less rosy.


Anonymous said...

That was news to me. When I visited the Holy Land, you'd see people with Uzis slung over their shoulders, though admittedly in kibbutzes or sparsely populated areas. I guess those must have belonged to the government.

Irgun, Stern Gang, etc. fought the British for control of Israel, but I guess it might have been founded more on socialist principles, as most settlers and evacuees there were from Europe. Time for more reading. Someone with more knowledge than I might know.

Anonymous said...

Brass. Big. Brass. Balls.
Superman, you got em! Truth tellin machine!
Israel has much what lefties (like many Jews who vote democrat here) want to have here - government control.

Where the democrat KKK here wanted whites armed but blacks disarmed, many Jews want Jews armed but not Arabs among them to be also. When it came to a head here, rather than stand down, they doubled down.... In order to keep blacks disarmed they went ahead and moved forward on disarming almost everyone (by over complicating ownership) calling it "equal protection" because those infringements applied to all.

Yet with that disarmament in place, as it has been for years, we still witnessed shootings and even almost daily bombings inside Israel. Arms control never works anywhere it's imposed. Yet still we see it imposed.

When one considers David's writings about the threat to gun rights that illegal immigration constitutes, I submit that the Jewish vote for Democrats constitutes exactly the same threat - and they ALREADY vote and vote in large numbers.

So that begs the question -
If even the Jews didn't learn the lesson about being disarmed (by its own governance no less) how can we expect the American population to accept the lesson taught us by our founders?

Anonymous said...

Yes but....

Years ago in our "world class newspaper" one of the northeastern liberals who frequently retire here wrote a letter to the editor suggesting that we have Israeli style gun control here. IIRC her main points, one must be permitted by the government to possess a gun in Israel.

But then an Israeli wrote in in rebuttal. Yes, in Israel one must have a permit to possess (he said) but permits are handed out quite freely to all Israeli veterans and reservists. And since the overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews are veterans and reservists, permits are available to just about anyone who wants one. Further (he went on) as Israel is a socialist country, the government provides many bare necessities to Israeli citizens. Paraphrasing what he wrote, if an Israeli is going into a risky neighborhood, he or she need only visit the local police station and borrow an Uzi, and there is apparently no set time when the weapon must be returned. So again, while on paper Israel has very strict gun control, in practice Israeli's are one of the most heavily armed peoples on earth. I have not been there and am accepting what this Israeli citizen wrote to our local newspaper. But if true, the America left, including our pro gun control Jews need to think twice before advocating Israeli style gun control here.