Saturday, April 25, 2015

Please hold your fire while I reload -- Tee Shirts, Hats, Magazines and Gas Money.

I'm finally getting over the pasting I took while traveling 3000 miles round trip -- two days out, two days back, 24 hours total behind the wheel -- to Colorado and back. My endoscopy is coming up on Tuesday, so perhaps I'll be in better shape after that. Keep me in your prayers. In retrospect, I'll never try that again without a co-driver. Of course, I couldn't have done it at all without the support of the magnificent folks who provided me shelter along the way, sort of a freedom fighter underground railroad. Without that, I couldn't have afforded the hotels to stay at (the rental car and gas sucking up the majority of resources). I'd have done it anyway, but I would have ended up sleeping in the car and showering in truck stops.
You know, for the NRA annual meeting I stayed in a hotel paid for by a reader, and it wasn't cheap. Such help, unsolicited, is humbling beyond belief. I cannot thank those of you who support my work enough. I try to make it count as best I can. May God bless you all.
However, as much money as has been raised by the sales of tee shirts and hats, I now find myself having to reload -- there are several tee shirt sizes and colors that I quickly ran out of. Green seems to be most popular and I am now out of all colors of large, extra large and XXL. In fact, I may restrict the number of colors since I find it harder to deal with the multiplicity -- WalMart I ain't. All orders will be honored, of course, but if you haven't received yours yet, then they're now on backorder and I'll get them out to you as soon as I've reloaded. Same goes for hats. I'll let you know as soon as that happens.
In addition, the Colorado trip has now exhausted the entirety of the magazine stocks, politician grade and freedom fighter grade. I would like to do more smuggling into Connecticut later this year to directly confront THAT beast, so I am dependent upon y'all for reloading.
Bear with me, please.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Mike, I understand. No rush on the shirt I just wanted to make sure the dang usps didn't rip me off again. They've lost 3 of my orders in the last year or so. Take care!

Brad from Ohio

Anonymous said...

Recalls in Oregon Started Over Gun Law

bondmen said...

Mike you are really an inspiration to the rest of us who are old or ill and sit around feeling sorry for ourselves because you take the bull by the horns and get it done! You are an entrepreneur and a traveler/speaker to patriotic gatherings explaining how free people must act to maintain and expand their liberty. Can you imagine all your traveling on horseback or stagecoach? You are impacting the future course of history in a positive, productive manner and I pray our Creator God keeps you in the saddle with a microphone for a long, long time - He knows we need it!

Anonymous said...

No problemo. (That's a little mexican lingo.)