Friday, April 24, 2015

Part Two of Roger Charles' Exclusive: Oklahoma City Bombing Breakthrough.

The way J.D. Cash told me, there was a meeting in Tulsa where ATF was told by FBI with participants from Main Justice, "Hands off, Elohim City, that's OUR operation."


Anonymous said...

I let you all know just one thing that convinced me this entire O.K.C. bombing was a Gov't operation from start to finish. If you all remember, they said that they got their info of the Ryder Rental truck from the VIN number on the REAR AXLE found at the scene. I've been hot-rodding cars my entire life and here's a little info for you - REAR AXLES DO NOT HAVE A VIN ON THEM! The VIN can be found on the engine, the tranny, the chassis, the body and of course the dashboard. The numbers on the rear axle tell you a)where the rear was made (city where factory is) b)year it was made c)gear ratio d) if it's a "posi" or not. How every mechanic in the united States didn't immediately smell a rat is beyond me. This all reminds me of how they found the passports of the terrorists flying the planes into the world trade center in the debris below. Anyone who believes that must believe in Santa, Easter Bunny and Elves make cookies..

Anonymous said...

Elves don't make cookies? :-(

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was another CVIN or Confidential Vehicle Identification Number, sometimes termed the LEO VIN. Locations vary depending on make/model/year, inside the left rear frame for some vehicles. Also, the Ryder VIN may not have been a VIN per se, but placed there by the rental company, but intentionally misquoted by the government and media---working together.

O'Ryan sends.

jon said...

good to see some confirmation of what's already known. but something's still missing.

how did so many ATF agents miss work on the day of the attack if they were kicked out of the fun club this far ahead of time? it wasn't through FBI sources. they weren't so lucky.

CI-183 went back. or even jucier: SPLC was still there: dees' own private spy. and there was a backchannel through them to ATF... but not FBI.

Anonymous said...

O'Ryan : What you say could be a possibility, if they intentionally were obfuscating the matter. But keep in mind that the PTB do screw things up in their little operations. They depend on public apathy and ignorance. How many average idiots would know it's impossible to get off 3 shots with a crappy bolt action on a moving target and the last shot a head shot no less. A feat Carlos Hathcock couldn't repeat when he tried. And if Ryder puts their own numbers on rear axles housings I'd like to see just how they do that and why. Perhaps to identify their rears in a raided "chop-shop"? Could be, but rears aren't something of value to re-sell (at least not those crappy rears; unless it's a Ford 9 inch). No, I think they just depended on America's ignorance and just not giving a damn with their lame evidence excuse. If anyone hasn't seen the documentary "A Noble Lie" I suggest watching it. It can be seen for free on the web