Friday, April 24, 2015

High Country News reports on Oregon situation.

Oath Keepers show up for a public lands dispute in Oregon.
Yet, as of Wednesday, Oath Keepers were still asking for more “boots on the ground,” and Barclay was again supporting the escalating presence. Idaho three-percenters (a group that holds anti-federal government views and is named for the three percent of the colonial population that fought in the American Revolution) have also rallied to Medford to support the miners.


Anonymous said...

Good grief! Forget about drinking the kool aid. High Country "News" and the "journalist" are swimming in it.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Some folks just can't seem to help themselves. They just can't tell the truth. I am so sick of liars - especially the liars who are so full of themselves that they actually believe the lies they tell - truly thinking they are telling the "facts"..

I AM a threeper. I am NOT "anti - federal government. I am NOT anti - state government. I'm not even anti - Local government. I AM pro Constitutional governance, that is to say that I absolutely SUPPORT governance, by government machination, within enumerated powers to the stated ends spelled out in our founding and framing documents.