Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm surprised the ATF didn't insist on grinding up this unique piece of history. That's what the bastards usually do.

War Museum welcomes unique weapon loan


Anonymous said...

That looks like one my grandfather brought back from Guam. IIRC, the stock was charred, I think from a flame thrower. No idea where it ended up.

Oregon Hobo said...

"The gun was displayed on a mantle above Sullivan’s bar until 1981, when the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms agency were alerted to its existence via an anonymous complaint. The ATF and LaSalle County Sheriff’s Department both investigated."

Someone needs to feed the hogs.


Anonymous said...

The reality of machine guns is that most people don't want them. They are expensive to feed, heavy, clunky. Criminals don't want them, just like they don't want an M82, due to difficulty in concealment and the crew required. The GCA of 1934 and Nazi GCA of 1968 are contrary to the 2A, and are not Law, regardless of the opinion of the Bat-Fag's or the Attorney General.

Taking a storied war relic from the family of a genuine hero is tragic and reflects poorly on the nation.


Anonymous said...

Actually, ATF probably would have kept it for themselves, they have a VERY large collection of machine gun they have stolen from law abiding Americans over the years.

Anonymous said...

A late friend if mine was a World War II memorabilia collector. He picked up a Japanese machine gun much like this one at a garage sale. It had a hopper on the left where the second guy would dump ammo mags.
I don't know what happened to it after he passed, but it was functional and unregistered. Think it was 8mm.