Wednesday, April 22, 2015

If I had to speculate upon an uncertain hypothetical future, I'd venture a guess that after the civil war he apparently wants to start kicks off, a green-tip round will be the least of his worries.

Dem looks to revive ATF bullet ban


Anonymous said...

Plan on banning good sturdy rope as well.

Anonymous said...

CA: Concealed Permit Holders’ Information Should Be Public

Anonymous said...

Yes All lists gubmint creates must be made public. Why? Because taxpayer funded ventures HAVE to be public information. But idiot Fudds are conned into HELPING government keep secret lists that our own monies paid to generate.

That these list MUST be public is the very reason Patriots understand that these lists mustn't be created IN THE FIRST PLACE. So stop being conned into supporting keeping the lists secret and start attacking the false premise itself - right ! The lists HAVE to be public knowledge... Sooooo NO!! No lists of people simply exercising their RIGHTS!!!

No list of carriers means nothing to publish publicly.
See it? Understand it? Good!!!

Arguing that lists should be kept secret amounts to bowing to the false premise that gubmint gets to create the lists to start with BUT it also affords them the ability to keep a great deal more secrets! So STOP BEING CONNED!!