Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wisconsin’s Shame: Even Salon Agrees the Raids Were Wrong

Unless lives are at stake, the police should not storm into anyone’s home. The stories of horrific misjudgments and tragic accidents in “no knock” raids and other home incursions are too numerous to link, and the risks incurred are not only wholly unnecessary, the home raid itself is deeply antithetical to a free people’s liberty and should be undertaken as a last resort, not a first resort. But returning to Wisconsin, the raids here were in some ways worse even than the abusive raids we so often see in the drug war and other criminal investigations. Here, the DA was often investigating “crimes” that weren’t crimes at all but rather constitutionally protected issue advocacy. Even when the DA was ostensibly investigating actual potential criminal misconduct, his targets were chosen not so much on the basis of actual evidence but rather proximity to the hated Scott Walker.


FedUp said...

Lives are always at stake when police storm into somebody's home. Just ask Aiyana Stanley-Jones and Bounkham Phonesavanh.

Anonymous said...

There better be criminal charges pending. I used to live in S. West Wi. Walker upset their apple cart, bigtime! The pigs that were involved in this crap should hang, too. The pigs stood with the protestors in Madison! My respect for Dems & pigs is gone.

prambo said...

Actually there is a "one-stop" source for quite a number of "botched raids":

Actually, in a free constitutional republic, this should have very few "ballons", but it doesn't, which is the problem.

Anonymous said...

It's not even based on hatred for Scott Walker -

This isn't shame on Wisconsin, this is shame on DEMOCRATS!! And some shame on republicans for standing idle and just letting it all happen too!

But you know what? I think some shame is due the victims too. Wait just a minute to flame me to a crisp.

Freedom of speech. They should NOT have bowed to the orders to shush about this all along. They should have screamed out - even if threatened with jail.

I do feel bad for each targeted American BUT if you CHOOSE to bow, based on threats, there ARE consequences to accept for doing so.

Once again we witness a scenario that would have been MUCH different had Citizens had the courage to exercise their rights right in the face of the tyrants trying to usurp them!!

We MUST refuse to COMPLY to violations of rights!

Jimmy the Saint said...

"The pigs stood with the protestors in Madison!"

Union solidarity, baby!

Eric said...

One wonders what Mr. Walker, et al, are going to do about this? Anything? Will they call Sen. McQuisling for advice? Speaker Boner?