Thursday, April 30, 2015

Martial law, schmartial law.

In the wake of stories like this: “F**k The Pizza Man, Set Him On Fire,” we are reassured by the "mainstream" media that the National Guard is ready for anything: "National Guard trains for civil unrest, rioting."
Right. Makes me feel better. Meanwhile Gerard Van der Leun has this prediction -- Joys in the Hood: Ramping Up for "The Long Hot Summer" of 2015
What's facing the nation in the Spring of 2015 is a whole smorgasbord of urban riot hot spots that have all been given permission from their leader Obama and his subordinates in state and local governments to riot and loot as soon as some pretext happens in their hood. It's a method of making sure that an update of "The Long Hot Summer of 1967" -- a record year for race riots with 159 riots -- is part of Obama's enduring legacy.
What we are seeing here is what happens when a racist like Obama strolls the country sloshing gasoline on ghettos for years and then warns the police to not, even if they are about to be "killed in the line of duty," to not ever make the smallest little spark.
It won't work. Sooner or later either the police, the urban rioters, or even more shadowy forces are going to start putting bullets into crowds of rioters. When that happens the rioters that have been harbored inside our cities and taught only dependency and violence will try to leave their urban spaces.
This, Van der Leun posits, would be a badness thing for the criminal underclass.


Anonymous said...

On the "try" to leave point - that's why the Baltimore mayor shut down the public transit system. It not only didn't let them out, it kept them in - ensuring that the "black community" destroyed the correct stuff and looted the correct neighborhood. After all, now the correct legislators can demand more money allocation to cure the blight. Oops the "investment".

They don't want to let them out. Why? Exactly that which is implied. If they get out, they will "get it" alright.

What are the leaders with the courage to stand up and say SKIN COLOR DOESNT MATTER IN A NATION BUILT UPON EQUALITY?
Why will none of our "leaders" step up and call the bluff directly?
College entry? Job hiring? Skin color irrelevant.
Robbery or rape? Skin color irrelevant.
Election districting? Skin color irrelevant.
Business contracting, individual contracting? Skin color irrelevant.

Why is that so hard?

Anonymous said...

Post Kent State many National Guard units have been deployed under what I'll call the "Barney Fife" rules of engagement. Even money says that is true in gun shy Maryland.

1. During one of Miami's string of riots, (1980, 1983, 1989, 1992) my brother was a local cop assigned to a roadblock between our suburb and which was quiet and Opa Locka which wasn't. He asked if he could borrow my Mini-14 as his department didn't have enough. I agreed but only had a few rounds of .223 at the time. He said that wouldn't be a problem since the roadblock would have a National Guard backup and he could surely get some from them. When he asked the guard for some ammo they were embarrassed to admit they were not issued any.

2. After Hurricane Andrew the National Guard was deployed to the "dead zone" in deep South Dade. Some of the local thugs somehow knew they were deployed (again) with no ammo and managed to "acquire" more than one M16 at gunpoint from guardsmen. Within a few days the guard was relieved by elements of the 82nd Airborne. Apparently the thugs had trouble reading unit patches and tried to "acquire" a few more M16's from the paratroops with unhappy (for them) results.

Yessir, Boys and Girls. Could get interesting.