Saturday, April 18, 2015

China raises red flag on its stock markets

Pop, goes the bubble.


Anonymous said...

It was based on a lie. What goes up must come down.

Carl Stevenson said...

If we simply told the Chinese to go pound sand, that we were for,ally reneging on ALL of our debt that they hold, then be in a world of hurt. They'd probably try to collect by shuffling that debt off on someone else like maybe Iran in exchange for Iranian oil. Tell Iran the same thing, that they won't get one red cent from us.
China and Iran would be in a world of hurt. But what could they do? I don't really think they'd go to war over it ... They have ar too much to lose in that scenario.
Of ooocurse the flow of unquestionably crap would stop, but replacing,it with better American made goods would provide a tremendous growth in our manufacturing and the money generated by that would stay here instead of going to China.
We could destroy the Chinese and Iranian economies in short order, all the while building back our industrial base and creating a shit load of good paying jobs for our own people instead of for the chink.
The quality of American products could easily be much better and the jobs and money staying here would uplift other areas of our economy. We'd also have less to worry about in terms of contaminated produces like melamine and other poisons,in dog food, lead contamination on children's toys, etc.
We don't need those cheap shoddy, often dangerous Chinese products. We can build them better here. And keep the money here to flow into other areas of our economj, rather than supporting an enemy ... And be sure China is an enemy with designs on taking over our economy, our resources, and our country when they get far enough along in their plans..920