Monday, April 20, 2015

Reese family files settlement agreement with government on seized property

Attempting to bring an end to an ordeal that began in 2011, former gun dealers Rick and Terri Reese filed a settlement agreement with the U.S. government Friday in the District Court of the United States for the District of New Mexico. In addition to over $11,000 and property, the government, if it adheres to arbitration negotiations between attorneys, will be keeping “approximately 1,191 firearms” and “approximately 4,761 ammunition magazines.”


Anonymous said...

If I understand this case correctly, the gubmint asked the Reese family for help to catch bad guys by selling the bad guys guns. The mistake the Reese family made is not showing the gubmint to the door and telling them sorry we won't help you. The Reese family at the end of the story seemed to imply that the gun community didn't rally behind them. I don't feel sorry for anybody who gets their dick caught in the gubmint ringer. Anybody with half a brain should know that since the 1960's the gubmint is not your friend. And if ever you're approached by the gubmint the answer to all questions is always, NO!

Toastrider said...

What happens when you are not interesting in the .gov, but the .gov is interested in you?

I direct your attention to Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Toastrider, what's happening in Wisconsin? Often the gubmint messes with people for whatever reason, sucks to be you, maybe people might see an injustice and support you. But if the gubmint comes to you and asks for your help the correct answer is always, NO!

Anonymous said...

"What happens when you are not interesting in the .gov, but the .gov is interested in you?"

That's an easy one. Just ask Randy Weaver.