Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Fork in the Road at Lexington Green: A Cautionary Tale of Tactical Decision-Making at the Precipice of War

It follows that much should be learned from the many British operational and tactical mistakes that led to the clash on Lexington Green (of which I have only listed a few). In my opinion, the most important of these mistakes was Gage’s and his subordinates’ failure to appreciate that just because their government was willing to start a war to achieve its objectives didn’t mean the way the war started at the operational and tactical levels wasn’t of critical strategic importance. Neither Gage, nor Smith, nor Pitcairn made any discernable effort to think through exactly what ought to be sought or avoided in a first clash with the Whigs. Neither Smith nor Pitcairn made any discernable attempt to issue clear intentions to their subordinates regarding what to do in a confrontation, let alone to maintain tight tactical control over their force when actually in contact. As a result, they essentially tossed a lit matchbox in the form of Adair amidst several leaking barrels of gasoline. We should thank them for that, as while the results were disastrous to the Crown’s interests, they led directly to the birth of our democratic republic and its enshrinement of natural rights in law.


Anonymous said...

A CONSTITUTIONAL Republic...not a democratic least not until the 17A.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but whenever I see "democratic republic", my "assault rifle" false premise flag rises quickly to the top of the tallest pole.

Constitutional Republic.
Constituted governance of republican form.
The Republic.

If one is gonna say "democratic republic" they might as well say "banana republic" because in doing so they are just trying to open up that wiggle room for unchecked "democracy".

I concede and even support self governance using "democracy" (both direct and representative) as tools WITHIN government of republican form. Heck, that's exactly what the framers did! But I will not never concede the camels nose under the tent -

"Democratic Republic" might as well be "republican democracy". What do we have now in the silent speaker and Mitch the bitch? Oh yeah. Republican democracy...... And if I'm sure about one thing - it's that what the founders were after and what the framers put together is NOT what those two fools are legislating.

As for the content aside from this nit picking - well lots of great point but it strikes me the same way that DEA fella video does. You know, the one where he shoots himself right after talking up his own knowledge and qualifications. Ugh.

Maybe I am just picking a nit but I gotta stay true to my Pledge... The one to the Republic (not the democratic republic).

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
This is History...passed. looking around, one can only wonder "Now' what is happening can unfold into "The New lexington/Concord or Ft. Sumter??" 'Only gonna' take the "Perfect Shot," the "Random Event to 'SnowBall'" and maybe, it has already happened?? We just haven't seen it for what it is yet??
Your man in (OPEN CARRY) Louisiana,

Anonymous said...

On the 17th point.
Seeing as how the Constitution tells us that a government of republican form is commanded specifically, how could the 17th change that? I agree is practice both the 16 and 17 and formally the 18 pushed that way, but then, to be "constitutional" they would have to admit that another amendment (adding "democratic" to "republican form" is necessary to make the 16 and 17 valid.

Gee, why did the usurping SCOTUS punt by calling this a "political decision" to be made elsewhere?

Interesting dichotomy eh? A constitutional amendment itself being unconstitutional. But then - THAT WAS THEIR INTENT! Really, it's just like adding among the people to among the several stats and adding assault to rifle and even adding gay to marriage.

In order to destroy all the is right and proper in the great American experiment, the meanings of words themselves must be endlessly debatable and ever changing. Dichotomy and ambiguity MUST rule the day. And the collectivist bastards are succeeding - and have been for a century and a half.

If a lowly poor dumbass like myself sees it, can figure it out, how came the "leaders" can't.... Oh wait....never mind.

Cal said...

Bless you Anonymous!

It is my favorite pet peeve also. America is NOT a democracy, nor will she ever be one.

The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, and the US Constitution is the "contract" that all who serve within our governments - state and federal (though the state are also bound by the state Constitution).

"The Constitution does not protect our guns, our guns protect the Constitution" Allen Croft