Tuesday, April 28, 2015

As they say in Winston County: "Y'all ain't from around here, air yeh?"

Armed groups protest federal government in Oregon.


Anonymous said...

sugar pine mine, bundy ranch or ferguson and baltimore. whose really the problem?

Anonymous said...

"I’m a big supporter of the Second Amendment in addition to the rest of the Bill of Rights..."


Honestly, that phrase alone was almost worth giving that Wisconsin-Communist-Central outlet a click-through.

This however - "This news would remain a nonissue if the owners complied and took normal channels to protest the decision. Instead, they have elected to call in a mob of goons with long guns, body armor and an unfounded resentment towards the federal government."
-was the icing on the cake after the revelations of Wisconsin's odious John Doe persecutions came to light.

Capitalist Eric said...

The author is some young kid that simply doesn't know how much he doesn't know.

He should spend more time on his studies, and less on voicing his opinions on things he knows NOTHING about.


PO'd American said...

The obvious product of another "World Class College Education."

Hey kiddo, try to actually learn the art of critical thinking and stop spouting the dribble from your third rate leftist PolySci and/or Sociology professors at that 2nd rate campus.

alanstorm said...

"Sergey is a freshman majoring in economics and international studies."

Yes, and it shows. Question for student Sergey: Why do you think the mine owners don't use the traditional channels of protest? Could that indicate that there has been an erosion in the faith of the people that those are still effective methods of resolution? Discuss.

Anonymous said...

Tis good Sergey is enrolled in a university...his education is lacking at this point and he'll be more "progressive" after he completes his liberal collegiate education.