Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I expected better from Judy Thomas.

Judy Thomas of the Kansas City Star writes: "Where are they now? Tracking militias and others who surfaced after Oklahoma City."
Now, I used to talk with Judy during the OKC bombing private investigation quite a lot. Of all the so-called "mainstream" media, she had a pretty good head on her shoulders. But as David Codrea comments, "So Much Conflation-- So Little Truth The Fourth Estate Fifth Columnists drag out Vanderboegh as the menace we should all be horrified over." Knowing Judy I wouldn't exactly call her a "Fifth Columnist," but characterizing me as "a leader in the anti-government Patriot movement" and plopping me down conflationary style in article with people who were mostly enemies of the Constitution in the 90s. . . well, it most charitably could be said to be sloppy, imprecise and frankly lazy.


FedUp said...

If by "lazy" you mean "stuck her name on a SPLC press release and calls it journalism", then yes, she sure seems lazy.

Anonymous said...

Her job is "Keeping the Sheeple in herd formation". Nothing surprising about it. In lame-stream journalism, if you want to keep your job you follow orders. If you become a real investigative journalist prepare yourself for doing You-Tube videos and writing a book. And if your a really good investigative journalist then, well, ask Michael Hastings or Breitbart in the great beyond.