Friday, April 17, 2015

Open carrier successfully defends himself against man with a bat (and Bob Owens uses the opportunity to attack Open Carry).

Bob Owens doesn't like open carry -- no, sir, he does not.


Anonymous said...

Hey bob Owens , you punk, would you demand that a person hide their bible away lest someone attack them and try to take that property from them?

You have no answer, you punk, besides the GUN CONTROLLER position of "well, it's different."

Guess what you punk, it's NOT "different".
The ONLY ONE wrong in this situation, besides your punkness, is the other punk who swung the bat in attempt to steal someone's property from them via violent attack. Notice please, he wasn't carrying openly cuz a criminal doesn't need to go through background checks - THEY JUST USE BATS instead.

Bob Owens - gun controller. Bloombergs best buddy.

PO'd American said...

I read through the usual pro/con arguments for conceal v. I the only person here that is still wondering why the victim didn't shoot that bastard?

Anonymous said...

I carry concealed for one of the same reasons Bob stated. I have no issue with open carry, but if you have the tactical advantage of hidden weapon, why would you give it away?

Gun rights rallies and carrying a long gun would be exceptions.

Anonymous said...

Bob Owens is carrying the water of those who sign his paycheck.

Miles said... I the only person here that is still wondering why the victim didn't shoot that bastard?

No you're not. It would've been a righteous shooting. The man apparently took extra care, that I wouldn't necessarily advise anyone to take, to not shoot. But that was his choice.

On this CC vs. Open carry debate.
Personally, I couldn't care less what another person does. Carry open? You're decision.

Me? Outside of hunting, open range or a SHTF situation, I'll carry concealed, thank you very much.
The time you'll see my carry pistol will be just a matter of a few moments before I plan on using it. No warning, no threats, no commands, no ostentatious display.

Anonymous said...

"Am I the only person here that is still wondering why the victim didn't shoot that bastard?"

No, you are not...I guarantee if it was me the problem would have been solved.

Anonymous said...

Po,d, contrary to popular belief, most folks who just want to exercise their inalienable right to self defense don't WANT to harm anyone much less shoot to kill. They just want to be left alone to go about their business in peace. Most believe in the IDEA of a justice system where offenders are due trial before punishment - it's a rights thing. .....

Anonymous- not all advantages are had in hiding. Sometimes advantage comes by being outwardly direct. Just as one may be attacked by a thug in attempt to gain a seen firearm, one may be attacked BECAUSE no weapon is seen. That works both ways. It's supposed to be left to individual liberty hence!

Think of it like a seatbelt. Sometimes they can save your life but other times they can be what harms you the most or even the very thing that gets you killed. Wearing one or not should be a individual decision because of the consequences. Our lives depending on this back and forth are not for gubmint to decide. We have the right to defend ourselves!!

Carl Stevenson said...

Owens is a copsucker of the first order.
I stopped following his blog after he celebrated the cops summarially executing Chris Dorner by burning the house down around him a la Waco.
To add insult to that injury, he blocked me (and presumably all other dissenters) from comments after I criticized his praise of the barbecue by posting a comment stating that the police state response was irresponsible, reprehensible, and way over the top (remember how the cops wounded several innocent people, riddling their vehicles with dozens of rounds, despite the fact that neither the people nor the vehicles matched the description of Dorner or his vehicle any more than I and my F150 would match a BOLO for the Incredible Hulk driving the Batmobile.)
Owens also goes overboard in criticizing the open carry movement and any other gun rights activity that offends his Fuddness.
In short, IMNSHO, Owens is a pontificating gasbag unworthy of a following.

Jack Crabb said...

"Bob Owens doesn't like open carry -- no, sir, he does not.'

Between that and his copsucking I won't click on his site any more.

CzarChasmIII said...

PO'd American asked: "...why the victim didn't shoot that bastard?"

Maybe he would have if he wasn't carrying an unloaded gun....

From the link:

"Mr Walker then stepped back to create distance and drew his open-carried Sig Sauer P226 in .357 Sig, racked the slide the chamber a round (he carries it on an empty chamber), and ordered his attacker to the ground."

Whatever, Walker got out alive so if he's comfortable carrying an unloaded weapon, why should I care. But the bottom line is that between both Bearing Arms pieces about the story, exactly zero evidence is presented that Walker's open carried weapon had a thing in the world to do with the attack. It sounds like the attacker didn't like the eye-contact that Walker made with him "several times" according to the above link. Nothing was said about the weapon before (or presumably after) the attack, so that's just Owens' own blazing bigotry towards OC'ers coming through in his writings.

Cameraman said...

I comment on BA once in while and as a Former Marine BO as I Call Him is all wet and in my book a Fud!!!

Y.B. ben Avraham said...

I hereby promise not to force Bob Owens to carry a firearm, either open or concealed. Anyone care to join me in this pledge? It seems to answer all reasonable objections.

Anonymous said...

Speaking only for myself, I open carry because I won't get a permit to exercise a right.

When my state gets Constitutional carry I'll probably start carrying concealed. At least some times.

Dean Weingarten said...

Because open carry gives you tactical deterrence. Concealed carriers have been attacked because their attacker did not know they were armed.

Criminals are less likely to attack armed individuals.

Both open carry and concealed carry have advantages and disadvantages.

Anonymous said...

The Texas Legislature has just approved open carry. Since the Governor supports it, I expect he will sign it into law.

- Old Greybeard