Sunday, April 26, 2015

"Black lives matter" but looting and random violence is more fun.

War Zone: Baltimore Erupts Into Violence, Chaos as #BlackLivesMatter Riots Rage
Thirty-six thousand baseball fans penned in Baltimore stadium as Freddie Gray protests turn violent outside and demonstrators smash police cars and storefronts
See also: Baltimore cleans up after Saturday protests, vandalism


Anonymous said...

Gonna' be a hot summer, I'm afraid!

Anonymous said...

Here is a reply of a friend of mine when I disagreed with the riots in Ferguson.

First of all, Im a Black man, you know that. I hate to say this, but just complaining gets you no where. Just study history and you will see this. We are not like India or Africa or some other place where the average person has nothing to lose besides their life. We live in a society of Economic Slavery where we do have things to lose so most will never rebel no mater what the powers that be do. The people in power understand this and use it against us.
The LA riots did much good for the average Black person in LA. Prior to the riots the police would never come when called and people wouldn’t call them either. So the gangbangers ruled the streets. When the police did come, everyone around, guilty or not was rounded up and booked for all mater of crimes ( mostly made up) and you had no choice but to plea bargain for a short sentence or probation. Then you had a record making it almost impossible to find a good paying job or go to school. For example, My older brother was walking home from school and saw some friends so he stopped to say hi. They were all passing around some weed. He was a straight A student and was already accepted to a good university. As soon as my brother stopped, some cop who was just driving saw the 4 guys and arrested them all. Charged them with everything from Intent to sell, resisting arrest and battery on a police office. Of course none of this happened but that was besides the point. The other 3 guys pleaded out for felony possession and got time served. My brother had to fight or lose his scholarship and of course lost. He spent 5 years in jail and eventually ended up a crack addict living on the street then a OD. This was the life of 80’s and 90’s LA. Criminals ran the streets because people were afraid to call the cops because they would either shoot you or ruin your life. After the Riots, the police treated us completely differently. We were people again for a while and the real criminals were quickly rounded up and put in jail. South central and Compton prospered and things were good until after 911 when the police again turned back to their old ways. The fact is that the police and government feared another riot and a repeat of the wreckage of the LA riots and left us alone for more then 10 years. It wasent until the militarization of the police that we started seeing the killings and lies again.
So, Im all for the riots. Riots mean damage. Damage means fear, fear means justice. 15 generations ago my family owned a large cotton and Pig plantation in central Florida. We were free people. We never were slaves. We were well off people who had immigrated from east Africa with the Portuguese. We had lived in Florida for almost 100 years in peace until one day (around 1810) my great, great a few more greats grandfather was abducted and sold into slavery for $5000 dollars. He was 15 when he was abducted. We searched for him for 6 years and finally found him in another cotton plantation in the north of Florida. We appealed to the courts but to no avail. As far as they were concerned he was the property of the plantation owner. So my ancestors went home. Got their guns and freed him. At least 10 of my relatives and many of the plantation owners family and employees died during this. Things were fine until Florida became a territory of the US in 1919 then the government came after us. There was quite a battle but we were forced off our land and became outlaws. We migrated into the southwest and eventually ended up in The LA area around 1900and have been here ever since. We have a 300 year history in this country and we maintained our freedom not by talking but by fighting. They expect you to talk. It is safer for them.
One thing my father and grandfather always instilled in us was that you have to do what is right. If it is a choice between peace or liberty choose liberty. Liberty is something you have to fight for.

Anonymous said...

Your friend's reply discounts non-violent civil disobedience that greater black men than he have displayed before him. It also discounts the importance of engaging in legitimate conflict against valid targets. And it also discounts his fucking brain, which should be found on sale in the local Dollar Tree, for thinking that a riot's evil collateral damage is somehow less important than the rioters' "cause", and the efforts of the rioters' masters-in-charge....

Rioters are nothing more than SLAVES to evil. So fuck them all. Bussed in from out of town, working their thugism on the innocent, looting of course because a man's gotta fuckn' represent, right?

These assholes were better off leaking down the inner thighs of their mommas after daddy-boy popped his rocks and pulled out early... Not even worth the cost of a condom.

I shit on all of them. My black ass never had to thug it to make a goal, earn a living or hold on to what's right.

1 Lt. Taylor Holmes, ret.

Anonymous said...

Ask any veteran who has, as the British say, "seen the elephant". They will tell you there are certain survival skills and reflexes you must absorb, not learn, absorb, in order to survive combat. Things are becoming that way in our Urban Combat Zones for the personnel on all sides.

My younger brother was a cop for 20 years. After he was on the force for a few you could watch him enter a room and scan the people in it. Within 30 seconds he had evaluated and slotted everyone into three categories: Cops, Perps, Victims and/or Potential Victims. That's one of those survival skills.

If you are in an environment where frequent interaction with the cops is reality, your survival may depend on them not slotting you as a perp. So here are some Urban Combat Zone survival skills.

Keep your hands in plain sight.

Don't make any sudden moves.

Don't dress like a perp.

Don't act like a perp.

Don't talk like a perp.

Keep your mouth shut unless answering a direct question and also in as much as possible keep your answers respectful and limited to "Yes, Officer" and "No, Officer". There are people on this planet who can be absorb screamed insults all day every day and never blink or make eye contact with the screamer. They are pretty much all guards at Buckingham Palace. Most beat cops are not made of quite that same stuff. They generally can be called a M F Pig a certain number of times without snapping and busting one or more heads. They do not know what that number is. Neither do you. Nor do you know how many times they have already been insulted by your peers since they came on shift. You don't want to be the one that pushes them over the edge.

Your job is to do as much as you can to keep adrenalin out of the officer's bloodstream. He's likely to go home at the end of his shift. You pretty much want to do the same.

Don't be stupid.

Anonymous said...

Nice django story buuuuuut....
Ferguson isn't a bunch of folk sold into slavery against their will. They trade their liberty for that "free" welfare. They aren't fighting for freedom there, they are attacking other people's lives liberty and property in attempt to usurp all of it in their desire for more free stuff.

True enough, there IS a real problem with police in this country - well with policing rather. What was once honest law enforcement has been fundamentally transformed into a badged gang of jack booted thugs bent on being the best revenuers they can be to "earn" those nice pensions.

There absolutely is something to fight for and a enemy to fight back against. But race has absolute zero to do with it. Race is being used as a diversion to divide....

Pat H. said...

"Those people" are defining the battlespace. Get used to it.

Unknown said...

WOW, you guys really don't get it.

Equate the word "police" with "king's soldiers".

Replace the word "police" with "king's soldiers" in all your statements.

Who do you sound like now?

Anonymous said...

Will Everyone just WAKE The Bleep Up and "Smell The Coffee"?... This has NOTHING to do with the Black Population in those Communities protesting Police Violence but has EVERYTHING to do with Trying to grow Police State Tyranny!

These Protest Organizers, even though they are Black, are working for George Soros and Company and their Goal is to get the Non-African/American population so upset at the the violence of these Anti-Police protests, that the American people ( In theory at least ) will forget about all of the Growing Epidemic of Police Violence and suddenly become sympathetic to the Police because of this Soros sponsored and Staged Violent Protest, that they will not Buck ( Again,in theory at least ) when new Laws come down the pike, giving the Police even more Dictatorial powers!

Here in Massachusetts, this same George Soros sponsored "Black Lives Matters" gang, was doing Everything in their power this past winter, to get everyone on the side of the Police, while claiming they were protesting Police Brutality by: blocking Trains to New England Patriots Play-Off games, and by Blocking Morning Rush Hour Traffic and interfering with annual family 'First Night Boston' New Years Eve events.

The Police couldn't have had better partners than the 'Black Lives Matter' protesters, to Try and advance the Police State if they had asked!...So please don't fall for ANY of this!

Anonymous said... George Soros Behind 'Black Lives Matter' group!

Soros is Trying to get the American people behind the Police State, by creating so much Anti-Police Violence and thereby Trying to Co-Opt any legitimate Anti-Police Brutality movements, that the American people will turn sympathetic to the Police.

Anonymous said...

Strange, I somehow missed the riots in 2011 in Fullerton CA. for Kelly Thomas.?. Was I in a coma? I must have been in one during the Albuquerque riots over the shooting death of James Boyd also..So tell me again just whose lives matter.