Thursday, February 5, 2015

The 7 February action at the Washington State Capitol. A recap of where we are from Kit Lange.

The rally (Our Capitol, Our Rights: A Rally for Freedom) is being held in front of the state Capitol building in Olympia this Saturday the 7th at 10am.
Speakers include Rep. Matt Shea, Rep. Elizabeth Scott, Rep. David Taylor, and Mike Vanderboegh.
This rally serves to defy arbitrary rules that the legislature has decided apply to gun owners; they have designated firearms as "props" as for use in demonstrations and barred them from the public viewing galleries, citing the legislators' safety. They are "intimidated" by openly armed citizens (probably because they continue submitting gun control bills that infringe upon the right to self-defense against tyranny).
We are asking for people to come and stand with us, whether that be armed openly, concealed, or even unarmed.
Those who enter the gallery while open carrying will be arrested for criminal trespass (a misdemeanor); however, concealed carry is still "allowed" (although the state patrol has said they will be checking permits). Those who wish to stand do NOT have to be arrested; they are welcome to come concealed and take pics/video, or simply serve as witnesses to what's happening.
We do ask that those who come understand that responsible, respectful conduct is necessary. Obviously safe firearm handling (muzzles up at all times) is necessary; we are also asking that those who choose to be arrested do not physically resist. We will act with principle and calm. We are standing for our liberty and will adhere to the catechism of the 3%: we do not shoot first and we do not target innocents. We are simply there to force the issue of infringement. Those who choose to act irresponsibly or attempt to incite violence will be on their own.
For those who can't make it but want to donate funds to be used for bail money, there is this link:
The rally is being hosted by Liberty for All. We are just a group of patriots who believe that everyone has the right---and the duty---to refuse tyranny and stand, regardless of color, belief, or other factors that are used to divide the people. We call upon legislators to uphold their oath to the Constitution and we call upon patriots to stand with us in liberty and say NO MORE taking of the citizens' rights.
Kit Lange
Liberty For All
Here's some background with relevant links:
- Speaker pro tem of the State House made a comment last summer that he would not open the legislature session if there were open carry "gun nuts" in the public viewing gallery. On Facebook, he joked about it and plainly stated that it was his "arbitrary rule," and that anyone who open carried in the legislative gallery was violating HIS rule.
- After I-594 passed and the 13th December rally took place, we went back to a rally hosted by so-called "gun rights groups." Alan Gottlieb et al were the speakers and hosts of the event (they also recently submitted a letter to the legislature asking for 'fixes' to I-594 but left in all the background checks). About 25 of us went into the public gallery and they shut down the legislature (claiming later that it was a 'proforma' session anyway; we know for a fact they planned to shut down because they knew we were coming).
- In the wake of our action, the Senate (and later the House) leadership decided that they would "reinterpret" existing decorum rules barring demonstrations and "props" such as signs, buttons, etc. from the gallery. Openly carried firearms are now prohibited under this rule, and firearms have been designated "props" by the legislature. Concealed carry is allowed with permit. They have also banned firearms from public hearing rooms as well.
- The WA State Patrol has warned us that if we attempt to enter the gallery with an open carry again, we will be asked to leave, then ordered to leave, THEN physically escorted out, and arrested for criminal trespass if we resist the escort.
- Meanwhile, State Rep. Laurie Jinkins, head of the Judiciary Committee (and a member of the national gun control coalition), is squashing all pro-gun bills and refusing to allow them out of committee, while ramming through bill after bill of stricter gun control laws, including one that allows ANY law enforcement officer or family member to request a hearing to have a judge take someone's gun rights based in part on "extreme behavior." We believe that bill was designed for us specifically, under the auspices of handling the "mentally ill."
- On the 7th, we plan to go back to the Capitol, and some of our number have agreed to force the issue and be arrested. Others will be filming, conceal carrying, and standing in support. (Facebook link to event is here.)
- We have several legislators who will be attending/speaking and who plan to stand with us (including Matt Shea) although they will not be arrested.
- We have sent an open letter to the WSP outlining our intent and mindset, as well as an appeal to the people of WA and the nation asking them to come help us. Later this week, we will be publishing a list of grievances to the legislature demanding that they uphold the Constitution.


Bill L said...

Dare we dream that the WA state troopers refuse to acknowledge any commission of "crimes" at this rally? Funny how when the situation affects one of their own they promptly form a blue wall of ignorance. Why not do the same for citizens?

Dakota said...

You mean you can carry concealed in the Capital building?

Well now I am really confused.

Out of respect for you Mike I am not going to "vent my spleen" on what I am thinking!!!

Anonymous said...

One thing I think a lot of us want to know is will anyone be taking over this blog if and when Mike V. is arrested in two days? If not, what recommended websites friendly to the 3% movement are availble that will give us the unfiltered truth as much as possible about what happened and where things are going. I think like others that Mike V is too vaulable in his present position as blog writer, but if he insists on leading by direct example and living out the rest of his days in a cold dungeon then who is the next best Mike V to rally the truths????

I know Mike V. isn't crazy about (at least from what I have gathered since visiting this website 2 years ago, but there are precisely two people I listen to and I beleive tell me the truth about how things are really working on our planet... Mike V. and Alex Jones.

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen to the firearms that are confiscated by the WSP when the individual gets arrested? It wouldn't be a good idea to take one's most expensive firearm only to have it mishandled by the authoritahs.


Anonymous said...

An up date from Facebook & Kit;

Kit Lange Carroll‎Our Capitol, Our Rights: A Rally for Freedom

You may be wondering if anyone even notices that we're here, even cares that we're fighting up here in the corner of the nation. I can tell you in no uncertain terms that they do.

I just spent an hour going through my email, and it is full of messages from all over the country.

Michigan says, "I just sent you a donation to be used for bail for the patriots in Washington."
Nevada also donated to your bail fund.
Ohio, Texas, Missouri, Florida, Idaho, and California all donated to your bail fund. Several folks in WA who cannot make it on Saturday sent cash for your bail and their prayers. A few who ARE coming donated anyway.
One out of state patriot wrote, "We support you to the end, God bless you all."

Never, ever believe that what we do doesn't matter. Don't let the cowards and the bootlickers tell you that you're 'doing it wrong' or that you're 'making others look bad.' You are standing, for rights long denied the citizens of this country. You are contending for liberty on your own ground, and as long as we stay principled and faithful to those precepts, we will win...even if we lose it all.

Oh, and one more thing.

New Hampshire says, "Give 'em hell!"

Hunter said...

I hope the troopers do whats right, lets not get our hopes of though.. It usually comes down to paychecks and you know their handlers will be watching very closely. I think each open carrier should chain and padlock to three non open carriers before entering the building... Lets see what they do with that spectacle hahahaa. Especially if you keep the chains hidden until just before going in, they would really have to scramble to get some bolt cutters, or I guess they could arrest the whole string of people, but it would look quite ridiculous on there part and quite crammed in the back of that police car. Maybe make up a chant that goes along with it... Idunno just a thought.

Dakota said...

ALEX JONES?? Alex Jones wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on the ass. He is a nut and a liar who makes crap up for feeble minded people who know no better.

Alex Jones take over the III% ...over my dead lifeless body!!!

Anonymous said...

A nut and a liar? On what and how so? I never said anything about Alex Jones "taking over" the 3%. The only possible way the 3% can be "taken over" is if the 3% cave in somehow or massive bilogical, nuclear war, or massive nuclear melt downs take place after the collapse of society is unleashed. I firmly beleive all the militaries in the world cannot overcome the determined 3% conventionally which I belive still outnumbers all the rest of the world's armies. If you Dakota, think that Alex Jones is going to fircibly take over you as a presumed member of the 3% then you must be a real coward on the field of battle. Also, even Mike V wont dare say he is the undisputed dictator of the 3% movement, which is an ideal and not exactly a comandable army. No worries though to Alex Jones becomming the King General of the 3% movement, as the idea of generals for the decentrailized movement is laughable.

Alex has stated on numerous occassions the power of self defense and I certainly think he agrees with the concept of the 3%. He agrees in the moral high ground but once the train cars try to force families into concentration camps, it is game time. His legendary rants on air indicate to me that he would not be afraid to pick up a rifle if the only option is witnessing the anal raping of his son by NWO / FEMA forces. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a firm beleiver in 0 restrictions on firearms and on the full power of the second amendment. If you try to tell me he is soft on gun rights, then you dont know what the F you are talking about.

If you think he is a nut because of his beleifs on 911, then how do you explain the collapse of building 7, the only known modern steel structure to collapse becuase of office fires (building 7 was not hit by a jet but supposedely collapsed from the debris office fires generated). Anyone with a minimal understanding of engineering and physics cannot see how the building collapses at free fall speed without simultaneous charges going off on all the supports. If a fire weakened a corner building column to the point of collapse, the entire building would topple to the side at a overall speed slower than free fall speed.

Anonymous said...

After re-reading my post, I can see why you, Dakota, think that I meant for Alex Jones to take over this blog. Nope. As I have never once directly communicated with Alex Jones, how would I even ask him to do this? No, I simply was asking Mike V. who he has in mind to replace him on this blog should he go to the slammer or die somehow tomorrow.

Alex Jones is busy enough with and his radio broadcast. Why on Earth would you think I implied or meant for Alex to replace Mike V on this blog? As even if that is in my power as just some Coast Guard LT desk jocky who has never seen combat but firmly beleives in teh 3% movement.