Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Good. Give 'em more of what they're scared of.

No Panic Buttons for the Public: Why Open Carry Is Bad for America
What's funny is that she blames the NRA for the OC movement when the NRA has, for the most part, been extremely shy about joining that debate.


Anonymous said...

"After all, there are no panic buttons for the public."

That is why we have 'Bang Switches' in every town - Shannon, Darling!


Sean said...

Since Watts couldn't tell a blimp from a semi-auto shotgun, why should she know whether or not the NRA is solidly behind open carry, or anything else to do with it? And this business she talks about that we won't know if an armed person is a cop, an open law abiding carrier or a criminal?Duuuuh! Criminals carrying guns usually make themselves known when they point their guns at people (the criminal cops as well), and go to work. But I actually love all these hysterics, because it points out clearly that these people scream NO! because, because! As Col. Cooper pointed out, many times, evil is not overcome by running away from it, as Watts councils. And I'm sick of this running crap. I don't know where all this will wind up, but I hope it's not rule by a bunch of trembling housewives, terrified at the sight of a gun. Such a bunch will be sure to have men with guns do their biddy, er, bidding.

Anonymous said...

Where this liberal is dead wrong.

1. Believers in the Constitution are not extremists. Those who intentionally misread and ignore it are.

2.The NRA isn't exactly in our corner on this issue.

3.Bad guys with guns do fear good guys with guns and act accordingly hunting for those liberal "gun free zones". Thanks to liberal inaction on terrorism, yes, we have to be alert for islamist radicals on American streets and armed Americans DO discourage these attacks.

4.Those who favor a situation where tyranny can rein are the insidious ones.

5.Gun laws will NEVER stop a bad guy from stealing a gun from a law abiding citizen.

6.Bad guys don't open carry. The most affective part of their procedure is surprise.

7. If a person is so stupid as to open carry in texas without a permit, he deserves to lose his right to get a permit for all time.

8. In Texas, the State Patrol is so glad to have permit carriers on the road that they opt to not write speeding tickets of you show your carry permit.

9. Calling the police on the law abiding permit holder in the hopes of them being arrested or killed is called "swatting". Talk about immoral!

10. The established law of the land from the nations founding protects the God given right of self defense from bad guys including government bad guys. The NRA had nothing to do with the founding documents.

11. "The safety of our children and families in our communities is paramount"? So disarming all of us promotes this 'safety'?

12. Shannon Watts should pack her bags and move in with Fidel and Raul. Her 'utopia' lies there.

CB said...

"In Texas, the State Patrol is so glad to have permit carriers on the road that they opt to not write speeding tickets if you show your carry permit."
Yep. Always show it with my TDL.
Happened twice for me.
The response:
"You have a nice evening, Sir."

Anonymous said...

anon @ 9:04 --

I was with ya right until item 7.

"...he deserves to lose his RIGHT to a PERMIT for all time."

How's that again?

Mike said...

Does one need a government issued permit to open carry their holy book?

Ditto for concealed carry of their holy book.

How does a cop know if the person carrying their holy book is a good person?

Should the government permit people to possess and carry their holy book without formal training?

For those of you in the business, substitute newspaper for holy book.

A right is a right is a right. Lose one, lose all.

One must use caution when wishing...It just might come true!

Anonymous said...

All anyone should have to know about Shannon Watts lack of credibility is, before her being chosen to run 'Everytown' by former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Watts was the Head of 'Crisis Management' for the Genocidal Scumbags at the Monsanto corporation, who have been poisoning the worlds Food system, with GMO Food crops!

Carl Stevenson said...

You should t need to have a permit to exercise a right.
Next you'll have to have a permit to express opinions and another permit to toto your worship service of your choice.
Too many rights have a,ready been converted into privileges by the tyrants in various levels of government.

Informed42 said...

Apparently Ms. Watts is as Sean said, and can't tell a blimp from a semi-auto shotgun. Good one, Sean.

Not only that but she seems to very definitely have some screwed up views and her own brand of 'logic', if you can call it that. Think about the following part of a statement in her article and see what you think.

' there is nothing normal about seeing men marching around carrying rifles; it causes genuine concern' - Yes, Shannon, it sure does.

I and a lot of other people have been genuinely concerned for some time now about seeing men marching around carrying rifles and a lot of other things, and wearing all black outfits and body armor and helmets. That's, 'not normal', but you failed to mention them at all. And with the number of people they've killed and gotten away with it, I'd say they're a 'genuine concern'.

As far as people openly carrying rifles into restaurants and other places, 'in case they encounter
bad guys', that's pretty damn dumb in my book. Why not just hang a sign around your neck and
let the bad guys know you think you're ready to deal with them ?

Shit. If I was a bad guy, and I saw some Franklin Park Circle heroes with their rifles in the open when I was going to do something bad, they'd be the first damn ones to get taken out.

The whole idea of an armed citizenry is not to advertise it ! Keep the bad guys in the dark about who is armed and who isn't ! That's another reason I don't agree with all this crap about open carrying all the time.

There are times and places that open carrying is appropriate, and there are times and places it's not. A group wanting to make a public statement in opposition to legislative over-reach and assinine laws is appropriate for
sending legislators and gun grabbers a message that is loud and clear. WE WON'T COMPLY WITH YOUR INFRINGING CRAP !!

I've carried a gun most of my life, and been licensed to carry concealed for damn near 50 years, and never had a problem doing it. That includes in Massachusetts, Connecticut and a number of other states. It's a responsibility and common sense and good thinking are very necessary requirements if you're going to do it. It's not a 'macho' thing or an 'ego' trip. A gun is a tool, not a toy.

I think the laws in North Carolina are pretty good with regard to carrying guns. Especially hand guns. Open carry is legal all over the state with a very few exceptions. Getting a concealed carry license is well worth the effort and expense as the State has reciprocal agreements with 34 other States. So, one license for an initial $175.00 (including the safety course and live firing) covers you in 35 States. On renewal, it's a $75.00 fee and repeating the safety course is not required. To me, that's a bargain.

Protect yourself and others, and keep a low profile doing it, and if you do encounter a need to draw your weapon, let it be a surprise to the bad guys !! The more surprised they are, the better !!

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that upon seeing that headline I first thought it was a Bob Owens article? It's sad that it's gotten to where I can't distinguish between his posts and those of Bloomberg's Demanding Mommies.

Anonymous said...

Is the right to bear a immunity? No the immunuty is not being persecuted for doing so. The PRIVILEGE is TO BEAR.

It's proper to say that carrying is not a permission or a allowance bit its NOT proper to use the word privilege when you MEAN allowance or permission.

Rights in both the positive AND negative contexts (perspectives) are -BY THE FRAMERS DEFINITION AND USE - expressed by the phrase PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES.

PLEASE fellow Liberty minded Constitutionslists, READ the Constitution. Then, understand that the collectivists have CONNED so many into believing that privilege translated into government allowed permission. If THAT is true then EVERY right of the positive perspective is then a government permission! Speaking, assembling, petitioning, keeping, bearing, being secure in our possessions even remaining silent- all of it.

Privilege meaning government allowed permission is like assault rifle - it's a total FABRICATION in attempt to FOOL fools.

Rights = Privileges and Immunities.
Rights = things we can do and things gubmint can't do to us.

See it yet?

The most powerful ammunition is knowledge. Use it exercising the First so we don't end up using banned 855 exercising the Second to defend our Liberties.

To the other Mike posting up top there- you forgot a bit so I thought I'd add it.