Saturday, February 28, 2015

Facebook blocks fundraiser to reunite father and son over gun connection

Readers of this column are familiar with the story of Brian Aitken, a gun owner arrested and convicted after moving in New Jersey with his lawfully-purchased guns. While his sentence was commuted by Gov. Chris Christie, Aitken’s personal legal problems have been far from over – not only does he remain a “prohibited person,” forbidden now by law from owning guns, but of greater concern to him is reestablishing legal rights to be with the son he has been separated from and has not seen in six years.

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Anonymous said...

One of my personal dreams in life is to have Zuckerberg in a phone booth for 5 solid minutes. No weapons, just me and pretty-boy. When he feels just how hard hands can be made from decades of training he might come to realize that the real weapon is the individual, not whatever tool the individual happens to be using to cause swelling..