Monday, February 16, 2015

Gee, I hope Wayne LaPierre wasn't seriously hurt. . .

Wienermobile Crashes Near Harrisburg


Anonymous said...

And that's what a person will look like if fed a diet of that processed crap; bent, smashed and inoperable..

DamDoc said...

i had to laugh when i saw this on the news.. i knew id see it here pronto.. lol

UncleBert said...

Sure wish you'd quit beating up on Wayne LaPierre and the NRA.

Moe Death said...

Domino wants to know if any hot dogs were injured during the accident and, if so, she has kindly volunteered to take care of them...

Happy now, Domino?

Bill and that darn chow hound

Anonymous said...

This is the NRA fuddy duddies running into the I Will Not Comply portion of the Liberty Movement. This is self proclaimed "leadership" running into the rank and file wall. This is the ordained, authorized journalist running into the average Joe Citizen commentator - named or not.

This is money laundering special interest groups running into fed up voters sick and tired of their donations lining the pockets of liars who Negotiate Rights Away.

Yeah yeah, it's just a wrecked up weenie mobile but folks, please see that it's a WEENIE mobile. It's the flagship of WEENIES. How the FUDDS can't see it even when it's thrown right in their faces is astounding.

As for being tired of slamming Wayne, well, when the supposed point man is on national television with David Gregory and misses the opportunity to literally nail that leftist punk to the wall regarding his FELONY IN ACTION - it's time to admit that he shouldn't even BE the point man, much less highly paid and "respected" among Second Amendment advocacy. Indeed, that action, well rather inaction, PROVES that the NRA is willing to look past, to go along to get along, to ignore blatant idiocy, to pretend it's standing and fighting when all it's doing is playing gun owners and rights supporters for SUCKERS.

So what's worse? Being labeled a "extremist" and a "gun nut" or a "poser" and a "sell out"? What was that Kurt had to say about being despised.....?

The NRA is a gun CONTROL entity, folks. It OPENLY wants and works tirelessly for states to ignore and undermine federal preemption (on behalf of individual rights that transcends government ITSELF) by having states preempt the Second Amendment. The NRA attempts and succeeds in helping state governments USURP a federally enumerated individual right. Uncomfortable as it may be for some - this is the actuality. It's the plain truth. The proper thing to do is accept it for what it is - truth- and act accordingly. (Hint- that means hold Wayne accountable for his trechery, and the rest of the NRA tools along with him). No, that doesn't mean every NRA member is a willing jester, because many people THINK the NRA is something it is not. Those people just need to open their eyes and see the facts..... And when they do do they will stop funding the very pukes who enable govt chicanery. Wanna fix the NRA? Wanna repair its damage? Cut off the donations and the support until it changes its ways, until it actually fights FOR the Second rather than aid government in subverting and supplanting it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the NRA has lost its intended focus, just like many organizations that have suffered a takeover by those with their own agendas.

NRA used to provide hunter safety course material that the agency I worked for used to teach in the town school.

At some point, a charge was made for the material, which was shared by participants and instructors. Then the material became unavailable.

Hiring lobbyists and hosting black tie dinners shows how the NRA has changed from a shooter-based organization to a political organization, complete with all the hate and discontent and grubby fingers that go along with that change. In my state, NRA puts out political bulletins, but no speakers against intrusive laws in the legislature, or anything else. Even the Fudds are abandoning NRA for GOA and local grass roots organizations. That is a sign of failing the core constituency.

Lairds of Fairfax is an apt name for those would be 1%er politicos.