Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bloomberg pressure kills release of video documenting racist remarks

Pressure from Michael Bloomberg has caused the Aspen Institute and Grassroots TV to spike distribution of a video of his speech in which he advocated for cities to bar minority males up to age 25 from having guns, The Aspen Times reported Friday. The decision not to make the footage available for broadcast and distribution was made at the request of Bloomberg “representatives.”


Anonymous said...

"Make him an offer he can't refuse."

B Woodman

JH said...

Nice to see money can cover up sins against popular opinion. IOW the "arrogance of wealth knows no bounds". >MW

badanov said...

"Representatives" having faces that look an awful lot like Benjamin Franklin.

Anonymous said...

Alan gotlieb and Wayne lapierre?

Anonymous said...

This shows just how right Codrea was. The gun control types know how easily this could be used against them and quickly turn viral on the Internet. We still need to use the meme and quote over and over on any story or social media page of gun banners.

"Why do you agree with racist Bloomberg that gun rights should not extend to young people of color?"