Saturday, February 28, 2015

How to steal your own car and almost get shot in Harry Reid's police state.

Harrowing experience for Washington couple in classic car


Anonymous said...

That shit really pisses me off.

Tell me again why I should comply with ANYTHING a cop tells me?

Anonymous said...

As a handicapped senior and antique car enthusiast, I guess I'll add Nevada to my map of states to avoid. A simple phone call to the WA State Patrol could have cleared up any misunderstanding. That should be a must with varying registration requirements by the 50 states, especially with year of issue plates.

I hope the couple involved are awarded a huge sum, some of which will come from Reid's pocket in taxes. I bet they won't be wasting any of it in Vegas.

Many handicapped people cannot get on their knees, or lie face down without medical complications.

My own state uses a Z as a placeholder for the handicap symbol on plates. If the cops run it wrong, another vehicle's information is returned.

Glad someone videotaped it.

Anonymous said...

any moron stopping this couple could have said to himself "Hmm, these two don't seem to fit the profile of the average car thief. Maybe I should put the gun away and see if something is screwed up here". But no; that would require an I.Q. above Forrest Gump's. And we all know P.D.'s no longer hire people with intelligence that high...On the upside (and I'm just guessing here) the couple look like the kind of folks that have always given the cops the benefit of the doubt whenever they've gunned someone down for no reason at all. Maybe two more Americans just got a wake up call that something is terribly wrong. Perhaps more people need a good kick in the ass like that to rouse them out of their stupor..

CB said...

Unfortunately, because of the current police mentality "Us against them", events like these are going to increase. This nation has passed into "The Twilight Zone". Seriously, I can see Rod Serling right now....
"You're traveling through another dimension; a dimension, not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Your next stop, The Twilight Zone."
The problem is that, no one is going to awaken us to put an end to the nightmare.
Cops are too quick to shoot dogs, kids, the elderly; too quick to flash bang infants in cribs; too eager to beat the piss out of someone because of a "resisting arrest" muscle flinch, with the cop saying "I'm gonna f+++ you up."
All that matters is "at the end of the shift, all officers go home in safety" matter if someone entered the wrong VIN number, or the cop had an argument with his wife, or that the cop's supervisor is on his ass pushing him.
The people in the video are really fortunate to still be alive.
The era of "Peace Officer" is gone, the era of "LEO", with whatever that means, is upon us.
God help us all.

Anonymous said...

The people need to go on the offensive now. This is not going to get any better via legislation or protests.

Galaxie_Man said...

I own a classic car with historic plates, an awesome unrestored 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 that I purchased from the original owner over 17 years ago. I have already heard horror stories of traveling interstate with the historic plates on. In CT, they issue a regular antique auto plate (really ugly and stupid looking) which is the actual vehicle registration. When you put the historic plates on, they are for "display purposes" only, not the real registration. There is a CT DMV form that goes with the registration assigning the historic plates to your registration. You must carry the real plates in the vehicle at all times as part of the legal registration. I have always wanted to drive to Chicago, and get on the historic RT. 66 to Los Angeles, and if I did a trip like that, the historic plates go in the trunk and the regular plates go back on the car.

GaryM said...

But don't forget that the important thing here is that all the cops got to go home at the end of their shift!

Anonymous said...

Police State - what a concept! Those two folks were lucky to have escaped without being SHOT! These days cops are totally into "shoot first and sort it out later". If some poor innocent Joe Blow or Jane Doe gets shot and killed, cops these days are as likely as not to shrug it off and say "Oh, well. Shit happens at least nobody important bought it." I'm a white senior citizen and I don't trust cops - FEKKING ANYWHERE - as far as I can shot put a locomotive!

Anonymous said...

Tell me why I should comply with a cop? You might get shot if you don't! You have to remember that they are afraid and not very smart.

Jerry The Geek said...

A Conservative is someone who has been mugged.

A Liberal is someone who has been arrested.

Yes, this experience will probably affect their lives; they'll go out to dinner for months on this story!

Anonymous said...

They're lucky the Orpos (Ordnungspolizei) didn't kill them. I guess we won't be taking our 1949 Suburban out of state any time soon.