Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DHS thugs crap all over their jackboots -- again. Another skirmish with the forces of the evil empire in Washington state.

The latest from David Codrea: Federal agents 'catch and release' open carry activist in Washington (Be sure and watch the accompanying video there.)
Washington State liberty activist Anthony Bosworth was arrested Wednesday outside a federal building for openly carrying a firearm, an announcement on Bosworth’s Facebook page reports. Within hours, he had been released with no criminal charges, his wife informed supporters. . .
Bosworth was arrested in front of his wife and children by agents for the Department of Homeland Security, who “claimed that Bosworth was in violation of federal law by open carrying a firearm on federal property.” That’s in spite of the reported fact that “The sign on the building states that firearms are not allowed inside the building, but makes no mention of the outside grounds, where Bosworth was standing. . .”
“If you want to leave, step onto public property,” one of the agents told Bosworth’s wife Maria as she video recorded the arrest. Evidently the understanding of the term “public property” is as murky as the grasp of U.S. Code.
This story will be updated if further relevant information becomes available. As it was being written, no charges had been reported filed and the Spokane County Sheriff was in contact with federal authorities. As it was being prepared for publication, word was posted by Maria Boswell on Facebook that "Spokane sheriff supported charges made....only citation!!" Per a phone call from Sam Wilson, the media contact for the Washington activists, the citation charges Bosworth with "Failure to comply."
Be sure and check Kit Lange's site here.
Note, too, the critical support of local (that is to say, constitutional) law enforcement with the intervention of the Spokane County Sheriff.


Anonymous said...

Rights were codified via enumeration precisely TO protect them in PUBLIC places! One of two things has to happen. Either SCOTUS is going to have to step in directly and state the obvious in a form LEO actually adhered to or the entire judiciary is going to have to let massive numbers of title 42 section 1983 claims go forward - stripping qualified immunity entirely. This madness of catch and release is EXACTLY the kind of intimidating action that rights enumerated are supposed to protect against.

LEO is making a mockery of our Constitution. The danger, the real danger, in doing so is that eventually the rule of law itself will break down entirely and NOBODY will care about law and order. And LEO will be the first targets, with elected fools coming second, of anarchist aggression.

It's time to stop the madness. No, not another conpromise. No, not a "step in the "right" direction. No, not a deal. No, not another half asked bait and switch. Just KNOCK IT OFF!

I say again - Mike V is EXACTLY CORRECT!
Open carry IN GROUPS, as large a group as possible, is EXACTLY what we "gun rights advocates" have to be SUPPORTING and PARTICIPATING in. Those arguing otherwise, well, whether you want to admit it or not, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

I hope this fella refuses to be paid off. I pray he presses the point of Liberty and it's violation to the fullest extent, demanding ACTUAL direct accountability rather than dollars.

Now, I'm gonna pop some popcorn and watch the SAF and the NRA run as far away from this as they can get. I'm gonna ask every FUDD I can what those peckerwoods are doing to defend this Patriot and wait for the ho hum the FUDDs bring in retort. Sure, those groups came kicking and screaming along for GunWalker but this? They won't touch this activism - yet. But just you watch - soon they both will be acting like it was their idea!

Paul X said...

"anarchist aggression"

Ain't no such animal. If it's anarchist, it can't be aggression. If it's aggression (rather than defense), it can't be anarchist.

I wasn't even aware the OC folks (of whom I thought I was one) were even pushing against the feds - I thought it was a state thing. Good luck to those who try it. And good luck depending on the courts to do what is right, or getting fed thugs to obey law...