Sunday, February 15, 2015

File this under "Be Careful What You Wish For, You May Get It." Big talk considering their politicians don't have the cojones to enforce the laws they've already passed.

By way of Weasel Zippers: Newtown Panel: We Are For Registration and Confiscation, Not Prevention.
Refers to this article at Newtown Panel: All guns should be registered, all ammo serial numbered.
A special commission set up by Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy after the Sandy Hook shooting may include a number of recommendations in its final report from registering all firearms, to tracking ammo, and screening owners.
Their "Final Report" is here.
The list of names of these collectivist traitors to the Founders' Republic is here:
The faces of proposed tyranny:
Scott Jackson (Chair): Mayor, Town of Hamden
Dr. Adrienne Bentman: Director, Adult Psychiatry Residency Program, Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living
Ron Chivinski: Teacher, Newtown Middle School
Robert Ducibella: Founding Principal, DVS Security Consulting and Engineering
Terry Edelstein: Nonprofit Liaison to Governor Malloy
Kathleen Flaherty: Staff Attorney, Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut, Inc. / Facilitator and State Trainer, National Alliance for Mental Illness in Connecticut
Dr. Alice M. Forrester: Executive Director, Clifford W. Beers Guidance Clinic, Inc.
Dr. Ezra Griffith: Professor Emeritus of and Senior Research Scientist in Psychiatry, Deputy Chair for Diversity and Organizational Ethics, Department of Psychiatry, Yale University
Patricia Keavney-Maruca: Member, State Board of Education / Former technical high school teacher
Christopher Lyddy: Program Manager, Trainer & Consultant, Advanced Trauma Solutions, Inc. / Former State Representative, 106th Assembly District of Newtown / Former Program Director, Youth Equipped for Success!, Forensic Health Services, Inc. / Former Clinical Supervisor, Juvenile Risk Reduction Center, Community Solutions, Inc.
Denis McCarthy: Fire Chief, City of Norwalk
Barbara O’Connor: Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police, University of Connecticut
Wayne Sandford: Professor, University of New Haven, Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences / Former Deputy Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Emergency Management & Homeland Security / Former Fire Chief, Town of East Haven
Dr. David J. Schonfeld: Pediatrician-in-Chief, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children / Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Drexel University College of Medicine / Director, National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement
Dr. Harold I. Schwartz: Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living / Vice President, Behavioral Health, Hartford Hospital / Professor of Psychiatry, University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Bernard R. Sullivan: Former Chief of Police, City of Hartford / Former Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Public Safety / Former Chief of Staff to House Speaker Tom Ritter


Anonymous said...

Premature ejaculation?

Newtown Panel: All guns should be registered, all ammo serial numbered. We Are For Registration and Confiscation, Not Prevention.

Dang! Who said that! They may all end up on '100 Heads' lists if they do not keep quiet till all the guns ARE confiscated ...

Brings the meaning of "Showing your hand" to a whole new level.

They will end up frightening the Sheeple next ...


Anonymous said...

The face(s) tyranny. I see there's going to be some real busy folks over that way when the balloon goes up!

Sedition said...

All pictures and backgrounds have been recorded. When I can free up some time, we'll delve into addresses, phone numbers and license plates if I can track them down.
The internet, and the info it contains, can be a wonderous thing.


This is a report based not upon logic, and entirely upon emotion. And if it were implemented, it would not stop what happened at Newtown, or any where else. Crazed demented minds will achieve their goals 99% of the time. The crazed kid that committed the massacre should have been institutionalized. But the bleeding heart liberals and progressive communists saw to the elimination of mental institutions and confinement for societies nut jobs. Secondly, the report tells a lot about the mental state of its authors. It suggests to me that they should be locked up in a cage and the key thrown away.

Galaxie_Man said...

I am a proud CT Patriot poking my finger in their collective eye with non-compliance of the bullshit laws they passed in 2013, along with COUNTLESS others. The estimate is 85% to 90% non-compliance, and they have no idea what to do about it.

These people are all TRAITORS and will eventually be dealt with accordingly.

Anonymous said...

s one day these folks will be held accountable for there treasonous ways I hope by posting their pics,inspire folks to confront them

Anonymous said...

Every damn one of them is one the Govt. payroll, in one fashion or another. That sure do make them experts! I wonder what that confab cost the taxpayers?

Anonymous said...


I've been "out of the loop" for awhile due to pressing personal issues-

Whats the status on the issue of enforcement of the new laws in CT?

Are there still tens of thousands of otherwise LAWFUL citizens (who are newly minted "felons" according to the socialist fascists running CT) refusing to comply, or what?

Anonymous said...

While the thugs with badges are the ones that will beat you down and murder you, they're just imbeciles obeying the orders of their masters. They won't act without those orders.
These are their masters. Remember that when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Yep, quite the collection of beta-males and assorted assholes. I still do not see how these wannabe-commisars are of any concern to anyone outside of their Ivory tower.

Anonymous said...

addresses would be be appropriate here also for voting purposes

Millwright said...

Mouse traps are always useful.

Seems to me this bunch of witch hunters is - as usual/historical - determined to ascribe blame to any and all outside forces it can describe/indict. They've even gone to the extent of eradicating the home of the perp. (As if it had some sinister role in Sandy Hook.)

Logic and reason have long since fled CT and Newtown in particular. It only remains to be seen if the witch hunters will prevail. ?JH

Backwoods Engineer said...

Every one of these people is a domestic enemy of the Constitution. May the Lord deal with every last one of them, ever so severely.

Anonymous said...

In a somewhat removed story, applicable in symbolism only, the WienerMobile crashes....

Anonymous said...

Prevail @ starting a shooting war is all... They better be afraid... And they don't have the juice to start... Cause the clingers are not... Looking forward to those battle field pick ups... Behind Enemy Lines... In Unconstitutional, collectivist Ct... We Will Not Stand Down... AAA/O... 11B20...

Anonymous said...

Indeterminate means not known or decided. According to the report, AL's body was found in room 10 with a self inflicted head shot. The 10mm brass was found in that same room. I'm guessing there wasn't a drag mark indicating that someone put AL in room 10 after he shot up room 8, then why is it indeterminate the order in which AL entered the rooms and began shooting?


Anonymous said...

The web site is a wonderful tool for finding people. Check it out.