Monday, February 16, 2015

Meet Charlotte Bloomberg.

Michael Bloomberg was born at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, on February 14, 1942.[8] His family is Jewish. His father, William Henry Bloomberg (1906–1963), was a real estate agent and the son of Alexander "Elick" Bloomberg, an immigrant from Russia. His mother, Charlotte Rubens Bloomberg (January 2, 1909 – June 19, 2011), was a native of Jersey City, New Jersey. -- Wikipedia.
When I went to Washington state this month, I required a firearm to break Bloomberg's law on the steps of the state capitol. As you can see from this photo, I slung it across my back with an impromptu sling. It is an old double-barreled external hammer Belgian shotgun without, as near as I can determine, any serial number. It is somewhat of a beater I'm afraid and no doubt were I to try to fire it with modern smokeless ammunition it would detonate. However, for the purposes it was perfect. The wonderful thing is that I was presented this weapon as a gift by the I Will Not Comply folks in Washington and I sent it back to myself in Alabama. It just arrived.
Of course, all firearms, like all ships and boats, are female and there was some talk about what I was going to name her. Rosey was suggested and my wife agreed, but I think I have a better one.
I'm going to call her "Charlotte." That is Michael Bloomberg's mother's name. Since I have him and his millionaire-bought abomination of a background check bill to thank for her, it seems only appropriate to call her "Charlotte Bloomberg," or just plain "Charlotte." I intend to drag Charlotte around to every speaking engagement and armed civil disobedience action I can. Now that ought to piss the collectivist bastard off, don't you think? After I get the old gal cleaned up and with a proper sling, I'll post some close-ups of Mrs. Bloomberg in all her wood and Damascus steel nakedness here.
Michael Bloomberg takes his oath (for whatever that was worth) with his mother, Mrs. Charlotte Bloomberg, in attendance. To quote Rodney Dangerfield, she musta been somethin' before electricity.


Galaxie_Man said...

Careful Mike, he's a little tough guy with a Napoleonic Complex, born in Boston, with a lot of money at his disposal....and you dissed his muddah!

He may try to have you whacked! (LOL!)

Joe said...

We're all looking forward to good photos of your "new" piece.

Please give her a good bore swabbing, and stock wipe-down from all of us.

Oh, the amazing stories she could probably tell. No doubt there will soon be even more....

Pre-serial number. I love it.

Thank you to the donors !

Anonymous said...

Surely "Sweet Charlotte" - she is a Southern Lady now!

Kiwi III

Oldfart said...

To bolster your 'nullification' stance, there's this over at WRSA:
At nearly an hour and a half, you need to set aside some serious time to watch it - but it's worth it!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Very few on the gun Prohibitionist side seem to understand what a gift Bloomberg is to our side. He is the perfect face for gun control.

Anonymous said...

The secret lies with Charlotte.

How perfect.

skybill said...

Hi Mike.
Funny thing you should mention that?? And you say,"Of course, all firearms, like all ships and boats, are female and there was some talk about what I was going to name her." Boats probably more so but many ships carry the "Names of MEN!!!" "Manly Men" who did great things!! Although named after "Men" the vessel would still be referred to as "She." Anyway, I was never inclined to "Name" any of my various "Pieces" until my Springfield Armory 1911-A1 "G.I. Edition" came into my life in '06!! 'Wasn't interested in any of the Koolie, tricked out models with adjustable sights, and all the other whistles and bells that smack of "Kuel!!" 'Never forget the "First Time" I shot a 1911, it was back when I was 15 and not till some years later I was 60 years old and eyeballing the goodies in the glass case at Jim's in Fayetteville and there "she" was (or should I say "he???") I purchased said piece and it wasn't till not long ago that I thought it should have a "Name!!" Thought about that for bout a half a second and it was a Done Deal!!" After seeing all those WWII B&W movies with Marion Morrison playing the role of "The Soldier-Sailor-Marine" with a "1911 strapped to his side!!" There was only one name,"John Wayne!!!!!" What more can I say. Have to say though, Shotguns, especially Double Barreled versions because of their "Nature" have to be female!! And now the old song from the old movie has a whole new meaning, remember,"Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte??"
Got Gunz??,

Anonymous said...

Mike, when reading this post I'm thinking about my "Charlotte" I have hanging over my fireplace here in TN. It is a hand me down from my pop, and the last time it was shot(by me) when I was a teenager it knocked me on my ass. I pulled both triggers at the same time, but I did get the black bear. It came south from the great Progressive state of Wisconsin. You know, we were not known as "Yankees" to the Secesh. We were known as "Westerners." The hated Yankees were those like Bloomberg, from the elitist N.E.
Who knows, maybe one day my "Charlotte" may have to make a return trip??

Anonymous said...

That's a little creepy.