Thursday, February 26, 2015

Feds Attempt to Derail Liberty Movement in WA State, Interrogate Liberty Activist

During his five hours of detention, the agents spent three of those hours interrogating him about everything from Liberty for All to how many firearms he owned to how “hostile” patriots were in Washington State. They alternated between threatening him with federal jail time, and offering him everything they could think of in an effort to get him to talk about his associates, his activities, and his beliefs. Some of the information they told him they were already aware of came from people within the movement, at least one of whom had voluntarily met with the FBI in an effort to ‘open dialogue’ a few days ago. It was obvious with other pieces of information that they were simply fishing. “It was pretty obvious that they desperately want a mole,” Bosworth said. It should also be pointed out that several people were open carrying in that location at that time. No one was even approached except him. No one was arrested. No one was cited. No one was even talked to. He was singled out.


PO'd American said...

Let me run this down for the uniformed, here's what is currently happening:

1)Loretta Lynch was just given a pass from 3 RINOs named FLAKE of AR, HATCH of UT, and traitor Graham of SC.

2)obama plans to execute another illegal action against our second amendment rights by banning 5.56 M855 ammo.

3)The congress appears as though it will roll on illegal immigration... another terrorist action against the constitution.

4)obama and soros take-over of the internet through a regulatory committee that is hiding.

5)Horsefaced Harry conspiring with Iranians to allow the building of the bomb

6)Protecting Muslims terrorist against Christians in the world

7)Baracks hatred of Israel and Christians

7)Continued abuses by the ATF,FBI, and IRS against US citizens

8)Allowing more and more illegals into this country...Mexicans to Syrians

9) US Marshalls and FBI arresting innocent citizens and holding them without representation.
What does this look like to you? America? I don't think so.

With all of this tinder, I am thoroughly convinced that none of these a$$hats have a clue of what will happen if one small spark is ignited.

Herschel Smith said...

Bah! Something like that could only happen in a communist country like Soviet Russia or China, right?

Allen said...

hmmmm if they're willing to go this far on an intelligence-gathering mission, odds are their attempts to insert agents or Hal Turner type snitches have been unsuccessful.

Pointy end out said...

pHe was apprehended while surrounded by open carry Molon Labias ?
Why didnt one or more of the patriot posers intervene?

People are all talk and whisper about "the spark"....

But all they have is wet matches !

Anonymous said...

Can Bosworth be trusted?
Just asking.
He's sure going on and on, about how lame the interview was, & how he gave them nothing.

Paul X said...

Again, I have to wonder (like Codrea did) of the utility of going OC and then allowing yourself to be arrested. What's the point of having an openly-carried gun, then? Is the aim of the demonstration to show people that cops and the ruling class have nothing to fear from armed citizens? That even the most radical are prepared to submit to tyranny?

This doesn't seem like a very good message to send to the ruling class. Maybe I'm missing something.

Anonymous said...

IIRC, the feds wanted Randy Weaver to be a mole. Sure hope things turn out better for this guy.

Dutchman6 said...

Someone anonymous asks if Anthony Bosworth can be trusted. I trust him with my life. So do others that I know and trust. Does that count? -- Mike Vanderboegh

Anonymous said...

One day sometime in the future there will be stories told about those who stood for our liberty.

Without doubt there will be chapters about Mike V and how he lead us from the darkness to the light.

And when they do the chapter on Washington State there will be much said about a man called Anthony Bosworth; a man who was willing to put his life, his fortune and his sacred honor on the line for us & even our grand children's future liberty.

No more noble men can we find in this land of ours, a land worth fighting and dying for if needed.

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Kit Lange said...

To the nameless, anonymous person who asks if Bosworth is worth trusting:

I am Bosworth's battle buddy. If you understand what that means, then you understand what I am saying to you. I have stood the line with him, and he with me. I know that when the day comes, if I look to my left and my right and I see no one else, I will see Anthony.

I know of no greater compliment that I can pay someone.

Hope that answers your question.

We will not comply.

Kit Lange
Patriot, Washington State

Anonymous said...

Anonymous asked a question - and it was answered straightforwadly.

Who said what isn't what matters - what was said -on both examples- is.

Mike, if "anonymous" is to be derided by you, why do you allow any at all in the first place? Cmon man, you are better than that "have it both ways" bullshit.

Anonymous comments have their place - and you know it or you wouldn't allow them here.

You answered the question with substance - just leaving it at that is all you had to do. (No, it want me who asked the question to begin with).

Anonymous said...

Leviathon has noticed and is bewildered.

The methods used with criminals are not working.

When practised intimidation and bullying do not produce the desired effect where next shall it go?

How far dare it over-reach?


Anonymous said...

Kit...comply with what? Laws that mean nothing? Good 4 u.

Steady Steve said...

The "friendly advice giver" should have been told 'if you start respecting the rights of the people and the Constitution you swore an oath to uphold, maybe you won't be hung as a traitor later on'. Sounds like the sheriff narrowly averted the opening of Civil War 2. We have to remember this tactic and use it frequently. Rub Leviathans nose in it every chance we get. I wouldn't be surprised if the sheriffs "intervention" consisted of telling the Feds that they were all going to die unless they released that man. Probably pissed their pants.

Capitalist Eric said...

The questions and tactics used by the .gov thugs are very illuminating. Clearly they're lost, unable to comprehend the situation.

They just font get that *they* are the bad guys...