Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Gee, like we should be so grateful as to genuflect and kiss their rosy red collectivist asses.

Charges Dropped Against NJ Teacher Caught with Flintlock
The Press of Atlantic City reports that gun charges brought against a retired NJ school teacher in possession of a flintlock rifle have been dropped. Cumberland County prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae announced that she will use prosecutorial discretion to decline to prosecute Gordon Van Gilder. She offered no further comment on the matter. The charge carried a potential 10-year jail sentence for the 72-year-old collector.


Militia of One said...

Good. I wonder, did they return his property to him or destroy it?

Anonymous said...

We should not cheer this.
I deplore prosecutorial discretion as it is the number one tool that keeps bad law in place. In FACT, that term is a concocted contrivance used to disguise what it is - disparate application of law based on arbitrary decision. Indeed, it is the opposite of equal protection!

Forced to charge and HAVE to see those charges through or not charge - the JBTs would not even arrest for fear of being NAILED. and that's how it's supposed to be!

I'm glad this person isn't facing jail but the point is they never should have been arrested much less charged IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Taken to court and run through the mill, this PERSECUTION would have been exposed for what it is - and that IS where we find resolution absent revolution.

Oppose prosecutorial discretion on its lack of merit. Do not champion it. It's WRONG!

Paul X said...

"Oppose prosecutorial discretion on its lack of merit. Do not champion it. It's WRONG!"

Eh, I don't think the NJ ruling class escaped looking stupid and evil because they invoked prosecutorial discretion in this case.

Anonymous said...

Jersey is so bad that one must have a permit for a genuine artillery piece from the 1860s War, as we were told many years ago by a NJ local cop, who politely ignored the van we were in, headed to a reenactment, as he directed us to the nearest bridge to Pennsylvania.

Needing a permit for a firearm from the age of the Founders, ridiculous.

The five signers of the Declaration from New Jersey weep.