Thursday, February 26, 2015

Okay, it's legal but so what? "FedEx Refuses to Ship Machine That Can Make Untraceable Guns."

When the machine was revealed last October, Defense Distributed’s pre-orders sold out in 36 hours. But now FedEx tells WIRED it’s too wary of the legal issues around homemade gunsmithing to ship the machine to customers.
According to this, UPS also refuses.


Pat H. said...

FedEx and UPS are public accommodations, they must ship these machines. Just as florists must sell to homosexuals for their weddings, these two shippers must accept these lawful machines for shipment or face law suits.

Sean said...

The Obongo/Holder Holding Co. has lots of useful idiots to do it's bidding.

Paul X said...

This just raises the cost a bit. People who want it can drive there and get it. Annoying, but nothing can be done about it. You can't force Fed-Ex to ship (I bet they called ATF and got told they'd be messed with if they did ship, no matter what the law says about it).

That article also had this:
"A California bill to outlaw the home manufacture of unserialized firearms was vetoed by the state’s governor, Jerry Brown, who wrote in his veto letter that he 'can’t see how adding a serial number to a homemade gun would significantly advance public safety.'"

Way to go, Governor Moonbeam! :-)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how FedEx would know that exact thing is in the package? You could just give them a general answer like "an office machine",

Anonymous said...

Probably because both FedEx and UPS are being sued by the NY State Attorney General for shipping packages from the Indian reservations to NY residents. The packages contained cigarettes that the state wants to tax (they're still mad they can't tax commerce on the reservaations).

The suit, filed in federal court in Manhattan, seeks $180 million in damages and penalties. Last year, the state filed a similar suit against FedEx Corp., seeking $70 million for alleged illegal shipments and $165 million in penalties. The decision in that case is pending.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of other freight outlets, including DHL, Airborne, and RFI.

Perhaps they could take Amazon's lead and deliver by admittedly big-ass drone.

Anonymous said...

Aren't FedEx and UPS being investigated by the DOJ on some BS premise that they distribute illegal drugs?

The DOJ wouldn't be strong-arming Fed Ex and UPS just for little old Defense Distributed... OTOH, they might ask for the NSA to get to install a bank of cameras and scanners to build a database tracking every package that goes through their system. Perhaps with a little workroom in a discrete corner to do computer or hard-drive disassembly/copying onsite. Then ask for this little ban as a bonus.

Tom said...

Operation Chokepoint, v2.0. Things like this, the M855 kerfuffle, etc,.. will start happening more frequently.

As Doc Holliday once asked:
"Say When".