Friday, February 27, 2015

Demanding Mom and WaPo shrink dismiss all college women as irresponsible drunks

Demonstrating once again that Everytown is a place seething with ignorance and prejudice, Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action sent out a tweet Thursday every bit as insulting to young women as patron and patriarch Michael Bloomberg proved to be about minorities.


Anonymous said...

If Watts is so concerned about young women's sobriety, where was her voice when two states and the nation's capitol legalized marijuana?

Robert Fowler said...

Since all of these under 21’s are to incompetent, we need to start by repealing the 26th Amendment. That’s the one that gave 18-20 year olds the vote. They obviously can’t be trusted. Look what they did in the last two presidential elections. Also, raise the age to 21 for service in the military. If they can’t be trusted with a hand gun, how can we trust them with machineguns and grenade launchers.

When the 26th Amendment became law (Jan 1 1970) a lot of states lowered their drinking age to 18. After that failed experiment, the fed-gov blackmailed the states to raise it back to 21. And yet the summer of my 17th year, I was firing a M16 on full auto 2 weeks before I was 18.

Like everything else, a few bad actors and we have to punish everyone. Just like the gun control screeching mommies. Someone commits a crime with a gun and they want to punish me. That silly ass woman might want to look at her parenting skills. If her precious little snowflake is getting falling down drunk at 17, they missed out teaching her any kind of lesson about the real world.