Friday, February 20, 2015

You know, this whole thing could be solved tomorrow by the delivery of 500 Javelins to the Ukrainians.

Ukraine crisis: House of Lords criticises EU and Britain for 'sleepwalking into crisis' as Moscow and Nato remain on diplomatic collision course.
Along with some updated Stingers of course -- these are defensive weapons only. Faced with another Afghanistan, Putin would have to back off. No world war, no more agression answered by words, merely encouraging more aggression. Putin's already hiding his casualties by lying to the families of the dead. His ground force "modernization" would go up in smoke if he tried further invasion. Hell, yes, let 'em eat Javelins and see how froggy he still is with his dreams of being Tsar of Greater Russia.
Meanwhile, no wonder the Germans are so interested in selling out the Ukrainians: Germany’s army is so under-equipped that it used broomsticks instead of machine guns
"On Tuesday, German broadcaster ARD revealed that German soldiers tried to hide the lack of arms by replacing heavy machine guns with broomsticks during a NATO exercise last year. After painting the wooden sticks black, the German soldiers swiftly attached them to the top of armored vehicles, according to a confidential army report which was leaked to ARD."


Anonymous said...

When they confront the enemy, they yell, "Bangity, bang, bang."


Ominous Cowherd said...

Might be brighter for us to walk away from the Ukraine, and let the Slavs settle their squabble. It's probably time to partition it, so the two sides don't have to share a government, but let them figure it out.

Anonymous said...

"Tankity, tank, tank"

Jimmy the Saint said...

*Solved* by delivering 500 Javelins? Because Putin would just shrug and say "You got me, comrade!" There's zero chance he'd escalate, right?

Nemesis said...

The EU/US had a hand in the coup that forced out the previous democratically elected Ukraine government with the intention of fleecing yet another victim to the 1% who control the world's finances and big business.

What is now left of the Ukraine can no longer afford to arm itself without EU/US assistance and if that occurs, then the rebels who now control around half of what once was the Ukraine will become Russian soldiers who will invade and take control of the whole country.

I don't know about you, but WW3 does not appeal to me.

What we all need to remember in what is now occurring over there in the Ukraine has been brought about due to that coup the greedy EU/US financial controlling interests thought that they could get away with.

They haven't got away with it and now Putin is pushing his own agenda that could drag us all to another World War if the EU/US decide to supply their controlling interest in the Ukraine with bullets, bombs and missiles.

I would suggest leaving the Ukraine to Russia, after all, it was once part of Russia.

sykes.1 said...

Actually, the US and its junta puppet are the bad guys here. Russia is merely exploiting opportunities created by American crimes.

Since 1991, the US has been the main terrorist in the world.

Anonymous said...

With all those broomsticks, they could really "Clean Up" the enemy.

coyote said...

Mike- remember: Nothing but LIES and CORRUPTION all the way down to HELL, where there master lives.

Anonymous said...

"Unknown @10:10AM" and "Jimmy the Saint @11:51AM" and "Nemesis @3:32PM" and "sykes 1 @3:54PM" I agree 100% with everything you said and couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

Right so is this the "circuses" part? Is Merica's biggest problem Russian aggression in the Ukraine? Or perhaps a little closer to home? Could it be that Merica's been invaded by a horde of Mex Am and Lat Am peoples who are fundamentally transforming the demographics of this once great land? Hint, it's not red/blue state problem either.

Secede or die. Once a secession goes forward it can be a focal point for the war that is coming and we can drop all this BS about Russians, Isis, IsilCaida, Cicaidas and other scary boogy monsters.

I love God and I love my country. You cnts are going to give it back or we the people will end you.

Anonymous said...

I'd just as soon let the people that live in that region figure things out for themselves. That is not our pice of dirt.

Paul X said...

"see how froggy he still is with his dreams of being Tsar of Greater Russia."

While all members of all ruling classes are almost by definition criminals, it's Washington DC neocons who are the evil bastards here, not Putin. Thank heaven Russia has someone with some sense, like Putin, rather than someone like Obama.

Anyway it is none of our business. The American Empire is corrupt and evil, and belongs on the trash heap of history. I can't think of anything as un-American as an Empire.

Paul X said...

The Internet is this great thing, that allows us to see all sides of every story, rather than having to put up with pablum from the local Ministry of Propaganda (although the above article is by Pat Buchanan, so we don't need to go to Russia to see it).

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, the commentators are way ahead of the propagandists on this subject.

pdxr13 said...

" According to the confidential report that was leaked on Tuesday, the German NATO task force would face serious problems if it had to intervene abroad. More than 40 percent of the task force's soldiers would have to do without P8 pistols, and more than 30 percent lacked general-purpose machine guns, known as MG3. Operating at night would be particularly difficult for Germany's armed task force, given a lack of 76 percent of necessary night viewers."

40% of task farce soldiers will not normally wear a sidearm. Rifle or carbine good enough. MG operators probly ought to have pistol.

70% have THEIR OWN MG3? Who loads and carries extra barrels?

Only 24% (1 in 4) have NV? Waaaaaaaa!