Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Having heard it now from a half-dozen different sources, I might as well admit what I've known for a while: Alan Gottlieb has ordered me banned from mention at Keep and Bear Arms. But the Kapo can still debate me if he wants to fight this out in the open.

Alan Gottlieb jealously guarding his rice bowl.
Readers who have tried to post my stuff at KABA have reported they're being blocked from doing so. After some inquiries, my understanding is that the orders came straight from Alan Gottlieb to his Igor Dave Workman and others. I guess I really am living in his head rent free, utilities paid. What a pathetic Kapo. I guess if I break another Fast & Furious story you won't be reading about it on KABA. Of course this runs counter to promises made by Gottlieb at the time of his takeover of KABA. Whether it also applies to JPFO remains to be seen. Any bets?
LATER: Of course my challenge to Gottlieb (or Workman if Gottlieb's courage isn't up to it) to debate at the NRA convention still stands. (Someplace where he can't turn the mic off on me as he has in the past.)


Robin said...

Don't worry about it. I don't read his stuff, but I read yours.
Respectfully, Robin

Anonymous said...

Do ya think he'll change his tune if we add him to the 100 heads list?

Anonymous said...

The only way Gottlieb could prove that he is not a collaborator and traitor is to support free speech even of those who disagree with him otherwise he is confirming that he has much to hide and the last thing he wants is the truth to come out.

How can anyone who believes in liberty listen to anything he or any of his minions have to say?

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Sean said...

Don't sweat it Mike, they turned off Reagans' microphone too, and he had more moxie than anyone in the room.

Anonymous said...

I've watched over my many years how MONEY GRUBBERS will fight to the end - using whatever they need to in order to protect their sources of money. They will pimp their daughters and wives - but don't you dare to do anything to interrupt their ability to con people out of their money. Alan GOT LIES is a master at how to con people out of their money - he gives $harpton and Jack$on a run for the money - and the efforts of Simcox and Gilchrist - Steve Eichler now acting as CEO of Tea Party News. A lot of these internet money grubbers began by buying email lists from Diener Consultants (Alan Keyes, Mary Lewis, Sheldon, etc etc etc). If you wonder HOW did this outfit (emails asking for money) get my email address you can almost bet that they bought it from Diener Consultants. Note they have a very similar way of mentioning the need to DONATE every few lines - or to send FAXES etc. It is all MONEY in their pockets. I kept track of them for several years but the spread just became too great to keep up but they all use similar BEGGING emails and they all find a patriotic sounding name for their money grubbing emails. Take a good look at all the gun focused outfits that all go to Got LIES Bellevue, WA address.

Got Lies has learned well how to maintain his email money grubbing and he will do all he can (including paying news writers to give him good press) to protect that money supply. That is why Got Lies will never openly debate Mike Vanderboegh because Got Lies knows that Mike will strip him naked and that would reduce his river of $$$ to a slightly damp puddle.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN idzrus@earthlink.net

Anonymous said...

He's a white version of Al Sharpton, and into this for the money....all for the money. Competition cuts into his money.

Put his ass on the list!

Anonymous said...

Both Gottlieb and Workman have rubbed me wrong for a long time. I don’t trust either one of them. They ask for money all the time then whine their asses off but once funded start making deals for background checks.

I’ve tried to get those clowns to support an education movement to start the repeal of gun control laws but like you said Mike their more concerned about their personal Rice Bowl than the Freedom of the USA.

P.S> the name Kapo fits these clowns. I stopped giving money to these ass wipes several years ago and encourage others to do the same.

GOA is the only true 2A group we have but for some reason cant seem to get the numbers we need to force change

prambo said...

Alan WHO???

Anonymous said...

I suggest this, Mike.
To bolster a debate challenge, to draw specific interest, I propose that you offer a considerable list of direct questions. They should be pointed and blunt, in order to command those same qualities in the answers to them.
This will create a situation where it's not YOU he is ducking - it's the SUBSTANCE you seek to air that he runs and hides from.

Remember, it's not about WHO says something... It's about WHAT is said (and left unsaid). Don't let him make it about you! Corner him into addressing specific content!!

Anonymous said...

the fakir image is quite appropriate.
Alan Moorhead (as related in Clive
James book Cultural Amnesia ) was taken
aback at Gandhi's defence policy for
India -- he thought the Japanese could
not kill everyone in India, so there wasn't much to worry about.

this from memory.

Anonymous said...

With your history of being negative about The NRA, I wonder how you would get a microphone at The NRA's Annual Meetings. I would love to see that debate happen, though.
- Old Greybeard

Chip Saunders said...

People in the know already know what's up with that thieving punk. I won't enjoy seeing JPFO die, but that's about the only thing left to be done. Allowing it's shell to remain as cover for that snake will be criminal if it happens.