Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Illinois Democrat’s ‘Firearms Registration Act’ may test new paradigm

Setting the state up for massive gun owner civil disobedience along the lines of what has occurred in California and is currently happening in New York and Connecticut, Democrat State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins filed the Firearms Registration Act with the Secretary of State on Friday. The act was then presented for first reading and referred to the Democrat-dominated Assignments Committee.
Whether or not Collins’ latest deliberate act of spitting on freedom stands a chance of being enacted remains to be seen. Regardless, a critical mass of gun owners will not let that alter their resolve to hold fast to their rights and to not back up another inch. There’s a new paradigm, with a growing number of determined citizens recognizing what colleague Mike Vanderboegh has identified as two countries sharing the same territory, and where his fundamental question “Do the people serve the government or does the government serve the people?” has yet to be ultimately tested in our time.


Anonymous said...

Time to double check the list of names of the "Law Makers" in Illinois to add to the potential recipients of those EVIL ammo magazines (or other "gifts") if they feel like pushing the issue. What does it take for these clowns to understand that they SERVE us and they are NOT the MASTERS. I personally think that too many of them are so bone headed to understand the results of their actions.

Earl Flanigan said...

This is an "annual event" of North v South, with the "Mason Dixon Line" roughly drawn between Terre Haute, IN and St. Louis, MO.

The North wants a Utopian Nanny State, while the South wants to just be left the hell alone - and occasionally flipping them the bird with various offensive (to the northerners)bills like CC and allowing Suppressors.

Each year, anti-freedom bills are dutifully trotted out, and most are squashed by the Second Reading. Little Mordor on Lake Michigan has been trying to ban eeeeevil black rifles here for twenty years now - although they did manage to ban 30-06 AP, tracers and "specialty" shotgun ammo a few years back.

So each year in March, we all load up in dozens of buses and inundate Springfield with our "unwashed masses" - getting up close and personal with our "elected officials". We call the event, IGOLD (Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day). A good percentage are Fudds and Molon Labians, but there are still enough with the fire in our bellies to make a decent showing.

While this bill is likely to go nowhere (no sponsors), the fact that it even exists still bears continual scrutiny. Why?

Here in Der Peoples Republik, there is an often exploited procedure called a "Shell Bill". Kind of like a blank search warrant signed by a judge. These are the ones we tend to keep an eye on as pretty much ANYTHING can be inserted into them at the last moment.

So, it's an annual toe-to-toe slug fest, with neither side really gaining any ground in the grand scheme. We'll soon see if that so-called great messiah of the GOP, Gov. Rauner is benevolent or despotic.