Monday, February 16, 2015

Interesting discussion on M855 by the owner of SGA Ammo. Meanwhile on Facebook, the Molon Labians and Fed Provocateurs demand war over something that hasn't happened yet. Plus, dirt may be cheap, but not at Cheaper Than Dirt.

SGA Ammo out of Oklahoma has (or perhaps by now HAD, M855 green-tip subject to the ATF proposed ban. Here is a discussion by the owner of SGA about what has been happening and his intentions for the near future.
Meanwhile on Facebook, I was reliably informed last night by Bob Wright, the Molon Labians and Fed provocateurs are demanding war over something that hasn't happened yet. I get really tired of folks screaming "casus belli!" when they can't even spell it correctly. There are political counter-moves already working in Congress. Do I have confidence that we can derail it? No. But this power grab by ATF is certain to motivate more Fudds over to us and to heighten the "objective contradictions" of the system to its own detriment. These are good things. Any moron who doesn't mind embarrassing himself can masturbate in public -- and that's all this is is verbal masturbation for the emotionally-uncontrolled and synapse-challenged. Personally, I would rather they took their impotent meat-beating into the closet where they won't embarrass the rest of us by claiming that we're with them.
LATER: And never let it be said that Cheaper Than Dirt isn't quick on the uptake. They've raised their prices to ninety-three cents a round.


Karl said...

Will Obama accuse Cheaper than Dirt of price gouging?

68whiskey said...

The ban begins on March 16th.
It is now February 16th.
Approximately 30 days until then, obviously the issue is in the eleventh hour; more like 11:59pm and 59 seconds.

Backwoods Engineer said...


Yeah, this post bugged me a little bit. You and David Codrea sit up there and make fun of the rest of us, who assume that this powerful government is going to do whatever it wants to do, and when it announces a ban on ammo, I figure it's a done deal. Since when has the ATF ever reversed itself without Congress passing a law (ammo registration), or refusing to renew one (AWB)?

Anonymous said...

If ATF succeeds and M855 goes away, how long before M193 gets the same kind of semantical re-write?

If may be a slow creep, but big government's war on guns continues at a steady pace.

Sgt Survival said...

Is that the same Cheaper than Dirt that was selling used, beat-to-$hit USGI 30rd AR mags for the low, low price of $120 right after Sandy Hook? Yeah, that's them. And that wasn't their first foray into price gouging. Screw 'em, they lost my business years ago. Although, I do admit to keeping the free subscription to the catalog continue. It's helpful when I'm looking for gear...that I plan to purchase somewhere else.

Grantmeliberty said...

Used to be Cheaper than Dirt but they became Dirtier than Cheap.

Anonymous said...

Heads & hips boys and girls!

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

Screw 'em.
We build our own and load our own.
Your best source of supply is your dead enemy.

Pat H. said...

Cheaper than Dirt are sleaze bags, this isn't the first time they've done this.

Be prepared, act when and where necessary, punish those that attempt to punish you.

Anonymous said...

As I have said before, we should be daring them to do things like this. We shouldn't whine about it or even say what we want to do if they do so. We should be DARING them to go forward. The more intrusive and the more convoluted the better. Here is why - judicial remedy.

Some claim that's the wrong path but they miss the point entirely. Ok, maybe some judges will indeed play activist and concoct a nefarious "ruling" somehow justifying bans like this. Some claim that's bad, but it isn't in the long term. It's just another example of the corruption. Fact is, the worse the infringement is, the more likely a judge in liberal land will justify it somehow then the more likely a obvious SPLIT occurs. And THATS the most assured way to force SCOTUS to deal with it.

When SCOTUS had to address the "question" openly, it had to admit what we all already knew - there was no way to deny Dick Heller. Likewise, there was no way to ignore Otis McDonald either. (Rest his soul). Sure, they squirmed and they did acrobatics trying to avoid the inevitable but the fact is they couldn't ignore it anymore.

Flooding the courts, moving our efforts away from legislatures and to the juduciary IS our last chance at actually gaining redress for our crystal clear grievances. And if SCOTUS "decides" to undercut the authority of the Constitution OPENLY, then once and for all we ALL must face the reality -dispelling the illusion- once and for all. When push came to shove SCOTUS couldn't go there TWICE. It won't go there a third time either. The only thing it CAN do now is ignore it by refusing to grant cert. NOTICE PLEASE the MESSAGE that Scalia sent to us regarding "the first time the question has been asked". We know that's balderdash, and so does he. The hint he gave us was to OPENLY ASK THE QUESTIONS!

What the ATF is doing here is giving us a question to ask. Government cannot claim "regulation" power to BAN. SCOTUS has already decided that plainly. The ATF openly applies the destroyed interest balancing approach. Gubmint can no more ban ink by claiming "regulation of free press" than it can ban ammunition for firearms. It's exactly the same thing. It's no different.

On what authority does any legislature claim the power to decide on a case by case basis what ammunition is allowed? Likewise, on what authority does any executive cabinet entity claim that same authority AND the power to craft law by executive rule making.

Nothing about any of it stands before scrutiny of judicial review and established precedent. So what could SCOTUS do? Set new precedent? They would destroy all the other framework affecting all First Amendment jurisprudence? All to appease Bloomberg? Hardly. They risk FAR too much and as a result will do just as they did with Heller and McDonald - they will RELENT. All the current gun control in "law" and "rule" was crafted under the false premise that keeping and bearing wasn't individual AND the rights weren't held as enforceable against state and local gubmints. That's CHANGED. That means none of it can stand. None of it. True it is that CRIME control laws can remain, as they should. But control over the innocent cannot pass muster.
So what the puck is it we are so afraid of? Why are some do determined NOT to even ASK the question, much less demand the truthful answer?

Anonymous said...

So...stop blowing all your ammo away at the range! At some point, ya have to consider yourself 'trained' and a 'good shot'. I make my most spectacular shots COLD.

Anonymous said...

Cheaper than Dirt- the same guys that would sell ice water in hell for unbelievable prices.

I remember when the "safes streets" act was going through congress. As the hours ticked by to vote time, magazines (especially cheaper than dirt) raised those prices hourly. The $7 FN metric mags went to $50+ a piece as the minutes went by.

These people are of the same ilk that charged high prices for shoes made of card board, which were sold to Washington's army. I hope the ghost of supply sergeants past comes to visit them when their time is up.

Ed said...

Hey frogs!
How's that warm water slowly becoming hot water in the pot treating you?

Steady Steve said...

93 cents a round? I just purchased 3K rounds of loose lake city for 29.3 cents a round just this last weekend. Guess I got in ahead of the crowd.