Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Doctor claims it dangerous to 'expose' young teenagers to machine guns. Yeah, dangerous to collectivists.

Delamater is a doctor of child and adolescent psychology, who apparently focuses on the psychological impact of childhood obesity and diabetes. How such a focus contributes to his competency to determine what effect, if any, might result from a young teenager's "exposure" to people enjoying the fun of target shooting with fully-automatic firearms would seem a fair question.


Galaxie_Man said...

More pertinent "medical advice" from a hoplophobe that happens to be a doctor.

Obummercare medical exam:

Doctor: "Next question Mr. Patient, do you have any firearms in your home?"

My Answer: "No, not a single one."

True answer....I do not own a "single" firearm! (lol)

Anonymous said...

I would think a machine gun would get the adrenalin pumping and that should be beneficial to the teenagers mental and physical fitness. Besides it's a lot of FUN getting to blast a car at KNOB CREEK.

Anonymous said...

What fun.
We can pretend were fighting against those treasonous right-wing militia!
Take out their leaders!

Anonymous said...

Hey doc, you don't know dick about guns and we really don't give a rats ass what YOU think.

Stick to dealing with fat kids, most of whom would probably benefit greatly from walking up and back on a hundred yard range many times a week.

Anonymous said...

After years and years of scaring new parents about peanut allergies to the point those parents hide their kids away from peanuts, now it finally comes out that this peanut isolation actually CAUSES a great many peanut sensitivity later in life. The SOLUTIONS they now admit? EARLIER EXPOSURE to peanuts and peanut butter!!!

And education about gun ownership, safety and proficiency is different how?? Inoculate the kids early! Teach em -hands on- all about keeping and bearing arms!
Take peanut butter sandwiches with ya too!

oughtsix said...

Guess the "doctor" hasn't seen the virulently violent video 'games' all those innocent little teeners are playing.

That's a very real danger... desensitized to violence without consequence, coupled with instant gratification and a very false sense of power and skill.

It would be infinitely better to let them shoot a real gun of any kind. Reality trumps insanity every time. Have a kid shoot an egg with a 22 rifle and certain inescapable facts and the results lead to a more sober understanding.

Anonymous said...

My doctor knows better than to ask me anything about guns. If he does, my answer is "None of your business".

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

As an obese diabetic, I can truly say that the most fun I have nowadays is to shoot my class 3 at targets of simulated collectivists. A Guevara tee shirt was an early such victim.

Learning to shoot a WW1 class 3, including cleaning, maintenance, and parts replacement has taught me how to live longer, rid myself of stress, and become a life insurance agent. Its almost like I have a second career.

I also like peanut butter crackers during breaks.