Friday, February 20, 2015

Interesting on 4GW.

Gamers Are Now Engaged In 4th-Generation Warfare
According to the leading theorists of 4GW tactics—American military historian William S. Lind, Israeli historian Martin Van Creveld, Col. Thomas X. Hammes (USMC), and the late military genius and probably the originator of the term, Col. John Boyd (USAF)—you will find that all of them say exactly the same thing: The moral level of war is BY FAR the most powerful.
By capturing the moral high ground, by making your cause look like a pure choice between good and evil to those who are unsure which side is worthy of support, and by relentlessly crafting the narrative to suit your ends, you can destroy your enemy’s will to fight and cut him off from the economic and political support he needs in order to defeat you, even if his forces outnumber yours a thousand to one.


Anonymous said...

These Gamers are the next generation who already understand 4GW Warfare ... and are practiced at it.

Some move on to real ARs/AKs and make good aware citizens who are trained not to compromise.

There lies hope for the Republic.


Paul X said...

Kinda hit-and-miss article. The author is mad about birth control, seriously?

Anyway, a good development. It's hard to believe PC made any headway into the gamers in the first place. Jiggle physics, anyone?