Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Pincer Movement on Ammunition

As it wanes, the Obama administration grows bold, and even reckless, on matters that send a thrill up the leg of its most leftward supporters. Its new attack on so-called armor-piercing ammunition — which is, in reality, a very broad attack on ammunition across the board — is a dangerous and destructive example of the administration’s late-days slide into rule-by-decree.
What gun-rights advocates fear — not without reason — is that this is the beginning of a pincer movement, with the ATF banning non-lead ammunition as a threat to armor-wearing police officers and the EPA banning lead ammunition as a toxin.


Anonymous said...

Look for a ban on the import of all ammunition and weapons next.

See what that does for supply and pricing.

You know a while back I had a friend send me a picture of pallets of ammo being delivered to his VA hospital; methinks it will be important for patriots to know where their resupply might be soon.

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

The last time I did an inventory of ammo, I counted over 80,000 rounds in my stash. Boy Scout Motto: BE PREPARED. If you don't already have ammo, it might be too late.

Anonymous said...

I am inclined to believe as the days pass that this is going to snowball out of control very rapidly.

I do believe there is roughly a 60/40 chance of them going for everything. Once it smells blood in the water, the shark will always follow its killer instinct and close in for chow. No. If we dont stop them now, and I mean NOW- in a clear concise and determined fashion, they will predictably do what every predator out there will do. It will close with, engage, and overtake its prey. They will make examples to be sure. We need to make it clear and with utter finality that none of what they want is going to happen. Not now, not in my childrens lifetime, never.

I often view the film " Gods And Generals " on Sundays. I must confess, I saw this in the theatre when it came out and was awed by Stephan Lang.
I feel that there are parallels to that period just as much as the Revolutionary War. His speech to his newly formed regiments where he speaks about being a Union man, much like them. It was not with joy or a light heart that he welcomed secession but never the less, it had been thrust upon them. just like it was thrust upon their ancestors. He also goes on to say that just as they would never send armies to march into other states and tyrranize other people, so must they never allow the armies of others to march into their states and tyrranize their people.

This describes my current line of thought perfectly. And like General Jackson, I believe that nothing we do will not matter if we dont have His consent for victory. I dont worry about my ammunition. Surely if the Lord delivers my enemy into my hands, along with my victory will come the spoils. God will not fail to provide for you out there. Trust and believe, oh ye of little faith. America requires of us that an army of Riflemen be raised to defend her in her hour of greatest need. TELL HER WE HAVE DONE SO.

Indeed, a great big safari is not exactly my idea of a good future. 100 heads is what I would consider just dipping a toe in the pool. And thats not good either. For professional soldiers they can come home and in its own way, the war is over. Not so if TPTB go feral. It will be here in my own backyard, right here at home. Just like it was during the Rev. War and the War Of Northern Agression. It was bad both times and I think until you see it with your own eyes in your own neighborhoods happening around you cant really understand how horrible it is. and once we are all in, we are in it until its over and who can say with certainy of any kind that what we have after will be better. Mr. V makes a good point that putting the Republic back to what its supposed to be after this kind of strife has never been done in history anywhere else.
Still, I must admire our adversary's audacity and butterfinger approach to trying to size me up for chains. Its admirable. Unfortunately, slavery nor incarceration in a death camp just isnt my thing. Im too damned old and set in my ways to be anything but free, and will die that way. God be with you guys. God Bless Eugene Stoner for inventing the instrument of my freedom. God Bless Mikhail Kalashnikov for inventing the sword that will work if my first sword fails. - The Bellevue Headhunter

Anonymous said...

Lead a toxin?

Methinks it also has immense curative and beneficial effects ...

Surely effects which none of us really want to closely explore?


Anonymous said...

Well, well, looks like the comments over at the National Review have been wiped clean. Perhaps the conversations got a bit too uncomfortable for someone with their fingers on the chicken switches...


There is more to it than it appears, let me explain.
First there is a itar/ excise tax put on every box of ammo and every gun or receiver made of 11%. now i am not a rocket scientist, but i can do the math and that's a crap load of money. Both guns and Ammo 100,000,000 x 11%= 11,000,000 and they keep cutting away at that money and the deficit keeps climbing.
so to cut this short The current administration does not like America in my opinion, and we all know opinions are like asses we all have one.

everyone truely needs to support there local small gun shops.