Monday, February 23, 2015

'The Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom in a Generation'

Risen has launched a one-man crusade against Holder and the Obama administration. Risen escalated that this week with a series of angry tweets replying to a speech Holder gave the National Press Club, in which the reporter blasted the current White House as the greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation and accused the attorney general of shredding the First Amendment.


Anonymous said...

Obama and Holder are the single greatest threat to FREEDOM in a generation! Not just freedom of the press.

Unknown said...

"The Times is not neutral on the issue of press freedom. We have vigorously opposed actions that inhibit legitimate reporting or that raise the specter of jail for reporters who are doing their jobs."
so,they defend their 1st , while bashing my 2nd? to them, this is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Get used to it Times - the 2nd is the lynch-pin of the First - and you have attacked the 2nd endlessly both in fact and by ommission.

Don't act surprised!


the Plinker said...

The Times and the rest of the MSM -- Fox possibly excepted -- have only themselves to blame for this "threat". They fell all over themselves to kiss Obama's backside from the git-go, and they're still doing it. No wonder the Great Imposter felt he could get away with shutting them down. They reap what they sow -- and it's well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Fox possibly excepted...

Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa ha ha haa ha heheheheh heh heh cough cough tears lolololol.

Nobody has censored media more than it's own editorial staff. Fixed news isn't any different.

Fixed News never talked about heller until the day it was granted cert. Then, nothing until the day it was argued. Then a blurb about the decision. Worse yet, it sucked McDonald all along and spent a whole SEGMENT on it - but gay "marriage"? Uh huh.

Fox is a illusion, a fabricated illusion, that honest media exists. Need a more current example? Tonight Hannity had another MUSLIM ISLAM apologist playing the "radical extremist" card. Saying further that ISIS doesn't represent ISLAM. So Ummm why didn't Hanity QUOTE THE FUCKING KORAN? Exactly. CUZ fixed news doesn't tell the truth either. Quick, Fox News, find another Natalie Halloway to talk about for months and months! ZERO time for PROFOUND Constitutional issues like RIGHTS or Doctrine of Incorporation or our VERY SURVIVAL as a Nation or as Individuals..... But endless nonsense? Yup, day after day, they have plenty of time.

It's not Obamas butt their are kissing. It's media kingmaker control they engage in - every one of em- with the REAL drive being driving wedged between Citizens in order to generate drama that feeds campaigns (which in turn creates campaign cash to launder). And where do candidates and "special interest groups" allocate their donated tax free money? Oh yeah, thanks to the tax code, to MEDIA!!

I too once thought fixed news was different. I too even tried to defend em. But there is no defense for the guilty. Fox is just the same as the others - feasting off the rotting corpse of a once great nation like a proverbial zombie.

Anonymous said...

"In a generation?" Seriously?

The Kenyan gets the same sycophantic treatment from the "thrill-up-my-leg" media that the Klintons got fifteen years ago. The Kenyan's spin-doctors and talking heads are mostly the same ones that worked for the Billary mob, and they're reciting the same old DNC talking points from 1993 about "right-wing hate radio."

I loathe them as much as anyone, but let's keep the hyperbole to a minimum. Shrill hyperbole and preposterous overblown claims are what our foes use.

Anonymous said...

While I admire Risen's expressions of outrage, the fact that they occur as a series of "angry tweets", instead of a fully-fledged article, makes it sound like the administration has angered a bird.

Such is modern life.

Anonymous said...

But as a team they're hell on wheels as gun salesmen.

Credit where credit is due and all that.