Friday, February 27, 2015

'Gestapo' tactics at US police 'black site' ring alarm from Chicago to Washington

More from Homan Square.
Take a gander at this guy:
The caption reads: "This man circled around a reporter and photographer for the Guardian twice while waiting for a local politician."


Anonymous said...

"a masked man with a gun is a target."
Col. Jeff Cooper

GA Patriot said...

Nuremberg II is going to be quite a party.

Anonymous said...

And here, once again, a foreign news source is tasked with doing the job for American "journalists" that wouldn't know investigative journalism from their butt-hole.

Sean said...

What if there's no Nuremberg and only a Final Solution?

Joe said...

The 4 star flag in tactical green is Chicago SWAT.

Note the first two things:

1. His gloves are off.
2. All windows are clear of frost.

Indicating he is in a COMPLETELY warmed up unit, with the heat on.

3. Appears to be tactical kit in the rear seat.

Further indicating it's probably his assigned shift car.

Why would any officer be wearing a cold-weather face mask when he's quite obviously warm ?

Likely Conclusion:

This isn't about warmth, it's about identity hiding and / or intimidation.

PO'd American said...

All the hallmarks of ISIS, except the color of the face mask.

PWinKY said...

Not much of a story really. No actual facts or evidence reported, just the accusations of some people with a serious axe to grind and a whole bunch of speculation. Second City Cop has a blog post on the article which is apparently a laughing matter to all those "in the know."

Not much credibility to this story, even with the knowledge of how crooked Chicago is.

Herschel Smith said...

As for Second City Cop (as one commenter pointed to), I've read his post and others on this. Nothing of substance, no new information, no valuable perspective, nothing worth seeing. I intend to write a post over the weekend on it. Sorry. Unimpressed. Try harder to make this out to be a non-story. Your first try didn't work.

the Plinker said...

Maybe it's a laughing matter to the cops, maybe not. Maybe the people with an axe to grind really did get -- shall we say -- put on ice for too many hours. What would you consider to be actual facts or evidence? What would the detainees have come away with that would support their stories? Torn clothing? Lacerated wrists from the cuffs? Dehydration? I'm curious. Protesters or not, we know stuff like this happens far too often in too many places with too many cops and departments. At the very least it should be followed up with a serious inquiry.

Anonymous said...

So, the Chicago Police Department Homan Square Concentration Camp revelations are "ringing alarm bells all the way from Chicago to Washington", are they??

I'll bet they are. But their only REAL concern is that they were discovered. The "alarm bells" ringing are a call to arms to try and do damage control/coverup as quickly as possible.

Anonymous said...

When I saw that smug look on the cops face my first thought was about a bottle of Hunter's Masking Scent (Red Fox URINE) that I got years ago. I can just imagine the smell inside of that PoPo car if he got himself sprayed.

Anonymous said...

If I had the skills, I would make an interactive map of locales to avoid, from Chicago's black site to towns in NM enthusiastic about anal probing, so that people could traverse the country without falling afoul of places known to violate the law, and citizens' rights. I hope there would be a few "straight"paths.

Anonymous said...

Second City Cop is a prime example of the fallacy of counting cops as allies in the struggle to reclaim our rights. They may agree with and support us on some issues but in the end they will side with their follow thugs in blue over the Constitution every time. If you need more proof of SCC's true allegiances then read any post of his that discusses police accountability or police brutality, he will always take the side of the cop regardless of the circumstances.

If this is such a non story and isn't true then why are the police refusing to let the people's representatives and reporters access the facility? After all, as they're so fond of saying: "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear".

I fear that the police's handling of this will force a violent and bloody response.

Anonymous said...

An old farmer once told me about Elixir of Satan: approximately equal parts of raw egg and (untraceable) urine mixed together in a Mason jar and left out in the sun for a couple weeks.

He used it for VERY memorable 'practical jokes'.

'nuff said.