Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just received this link from Nevada. Still awaiting more context information. This is going to get out of control.



Anonymous said...

Need a few hundred to a few thousand more people there.

JdL said...

Wow! At this rate, there's going to be some roasted bacon in Nevada pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

These people were "test targets" for something bigger to come later.


Anonymous said...

Makes the blood boil. Also good to see calmer heads than mine. I'd have wanted to start shooting. Glad to see at least this incident didn't devolve into bloodshed....but I can't help but wonder how close to actual blood letting we are getting in Nevada.

Anonymous said...

We'll; it has to start somewhere.
BLM stands for Big Load of Manure, doesn't it?
Lock and load.

Anonymous said...

Nevada is over 90% federal land.

When the state was carved out right at the end of the civil war, Lincoln, (the worst constitutional president in our history prior to the current one) made sure that all the states entering would bow down to the the fed and our state constitution and the great amount of federal land reflects that.

Since most of the state is desert, ranchers have always had to use tremendous acreage to feed cattle here. Our state was brought into the union around 1865. Prior to that, and after that, up till 1934 ranchers had legal free reign to graze cattle with no restrictions. This was called forage rights.

In the 1930's the ranchers had arguments between themselves regarding territories. So a few of the larger ones got together and asked the fed if they could hire them, by paying minimal fees to "manage" the land and break it out into sections. This was made into the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934.

The fees are minimal. $1.74 per cow & calf per month. Ranchers had no problem paying that just to have disagreements settled.

Ranchers were also required to secure water rights and maintain and make improvements on the land. Mr. Bundy and his predecessors have always done that. No one is arguing that fact.

Bundy's ranch was established in 1877. His family purchased it later, in the 1880's. But when they did, they had to PAY for the water and forage rights.

After the 1934 act they continued to pay grazing fees and make improvements up until the 1990's.

Somewhere along the way the Bureau of Land Management was created. I don't know what year.

Around 1990 or so they told him that he could no longer graze more than 150 of his 600 or so head of cattle there.

He told them to pound sand and kept paying his fees and grazing his cattle.

Around 1994 they told him he could only graze them in the summer, fall and winter and said it was so that the cattle didn't disturb the Desert Tortoise. (more on that later)

He told them that they were HIRED by the Taylor Grazing act to MANAGE the land for the ranchers. So he FIRED them and started paying his fees to to the state of Nevada. Soon they didn't know where to put it so they quit taking payments.

Meanwhile they came at him from another angle. When they saw they weren't going to be able to force him off the land the BLM SOLD the rights to the land to the state of Nevada under the condition that the state RETIRE the grazing rights permanently. Nevada legislators, being idiots, did their bidding. That was around 1996 or so.

But the state left him alone and let him forage all those years.

A few years ago, due to Agenda 21, Ranchers around the nation were being shut down and either bought out (with a program that paid them a lump sum of YOUR taxpayer funds in exchange for quitting ranching.

A lot of them did. The program was touted as "optional" but they intimidated the ranchers with lawsuits ranging from environmental concerns to water concerns to endangered species.

Before all this there were 50 ranchers in Clark County Nevada. Now there is one. Cliven Bundy.

For 20 years they tried to remove another rancher, Mr Hage, from a neighboring county. The sheriff of that county came to his aid and told the feds to screw off. They threatened the sheriff with a swat team and he told them to bring it on, he had his own swat team. The feds screwed up with Mr Hage though. They made it a water rights issue and after 20 years, about a year after he died, they lost in court.

Anonymous said...

Now they don't play the water rights card anymore because it is too cut and dry. They now play the environmental card because they can make up the rules and change them whenever they like.

This is what they have done with Bundy. Everytime he gets where he can win, they change the laws and he loses in court.

So now it is about the Desert Tortoise. This is an animal the BLM had a habitat for, but when they ran out of money to run the habitat they slaughtered 1800 of them. Miraculously they now claim they have mysteriously found 3 million dollars that they are paying to round up and steal Bundy's cattle. They are paying the slimy for hire private cowboys 1 million of that.

So now they have a court order to take his cattle and auction them.

The sheriffs of nearby counties have stated that they will stop them along the way and make them produce a signed agreement from Bundy or they will confiscate the cattle and give them back. That only leaves them one route out, straight down through Clark County to Arizona or California. I believe they are already auctioning off any of the ones they found that were not branded even though it is common knowledge they are his because he is the only rancher there. There isn't much the sheriffs can do about that.

When this happened in neighboring counties and in other states the sheriffs backed the ranchers up. Our Sheriff is a spineless puss of a half-man and refuses to get involved. I assume the only way he will get involved is if he hears the BLM rangers shooting civilians and sends his guys up to help out of jealousy of all the fun they are having. We have the most corrupt and worthless police department in the country.

To make matters worse, I spoke to the lesser of two evils running for Sheriff this time around yesterday at a luncheon and asked him why they weren't helping. He answered that from his understanding Bundy was just a guy who wouldn't pay his fees and he didn't think they should get involved. He knew nothing of the Taylor Grazing act or any of the history of Bundy's rights to graze. Great, replacing a worthless bag of skin for sheriff with another worthless bag of skin. We can't win.

So now they are using helicopters to round up his cattle and try to take them to auction. He claims he has about 500 head, they say 900. Probably because they don't know that the Taylor Grazing act counts a cow and a calf as one head. They are stressing the cattle and some of them are dying in the chase. That is why they brought in backhoes and dump trucks.

The people in the video above were trying to block them on private land before they got to public lands and were tazed and thrown to the ground.

The BLM has set up "free speech zones" for people to protest. Two 50x50 pig pens for them to stand in. But they can only use one of them at a time.

Bundy's son was arrested day before yesterday when he pulled over on a STATE road where he could see the valley and take pictures of the way they were treating the cattle.

Anonymous said...

They threw him down to the ground, ground his head in the dirt with their boots, and took him to Henderson jail, then to the federal building. Eventually they gave him a ticket for protesting outside the "free speech zone" and "resisting arrest". They let him go 80 miles away in Las Vegas with no money. He had a credit card which he used to trade some gas at a gas station for use of a lady's cell phone, to get someone to pick him up.

Yesterday they arrested a few more protesters for being outside the "free speech zone".

Militias from all over the nation are being called up to come to Nevada. People are flying and driving in from everywhere. This is the first time in our history where men from all over the country have been willing to come together to fight against the federal government. If this had happened at Waco, our entire country would be different today.

Politicians are afraid to say much. The republicans don't want to say anything because he lost in federal court and that's all that matters to those scumbags. The Democrats don't care so much about the courts as they lavish in the idea that a fat rich rancher and destroyer of the environment is getting what he deserves.

The libertarians are all that's left. And he has a LOT of support from Sheriffs and Oath Keepers. (other than our bag of skin)

The bottom line is the Feds want all ranching stopped. They are doing it on federal lands first, then will do it on private lands based on the new definitions in the clean water act. It's an Agenda 21 implementation. It wouldn't matter if he paid fees from here to kingdom come, they want him shut down and they will try any angle they can. He stated that after reading their plans to retire all the land for grazing he refused to finance his own demise by giving them fees. I'm with him 100%. And apparently so are thousands of others willing to come here.

Anonymous said...

sherrif mack from gilbert az

Capitalist Eric said...

This will escalate. 3

The protesters better have more than cameras when the feds return.

Anonymous said...

Do these BLM idiots really think they can get away with this attitude or these actions? There isn't one second of this video that doesn't scream "ASSHOLES!". I think you're right Mike, this is going to get ugly - and it looks like the BLM is earning every horrible moment of it. Whether it's now or later, all Uniforms in this country are screwed. The people are fed-up.

Anonymous said...

Beats me why the locals aren't showing up armed.

Frederick H Watkins said...

It is noted that the BLM may now be completely surrounded and should quietly disappear from Nevada and never come back.

Anonymous said...

Had the local media not been filming, this would have been much worse. This is also how "social unrest" will begin across our nation. Why? Because our government is out of control.

SWIFT said...

The BLM has never enforced the law. They feel their every utterance IS THE LAW. They are not a law enforcement agency; they are a gang. Officially sanctioned, but still just a gang. WTF is a "Free Speech Zone"? If you think this showdown in Nevada, only concerns the people of Nevada, go back to sleep. The BLM's assault on Constitutional Rights will have an impact on all Americans. If you think that the use of Free Speech Zones will not be adopted by every local, state and Fed agency, you are brain dead. FEDs all over the country, are chomping at the bit, to be involved. Another Waco?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the above poster for the great summary of the history of the NV rancher's rights and the Bundy's plight. I am no convinced I need to make the five hour drive to the Bundy Ranch this weekend. I want to be counted (and most likely photographed by the Feds) as someone who stood by the Bundy even if it is for two short days this week end.

Anonymous said...

Where's the militia? They do a lot of keyboard warrior stuff til it's time to take action.

Anonymous said...

The tasered man is Ammon Bundy, Cliven's son, and the 57 year old woman thrown to the ground by the Feds is Civen's sister.

Anonymous said...

I thank the anonymous poster for the extremely detailed explanation of the situation. I understand what it is all about.

It seems like the BLM position is "Public Property, Keep Out". Ridiculous.

I do not understand the Fed desire to wipe out a productive family owned business, there for over 100 years, with no rational reason. Cattle do not eat tortoises, so the excuse they are using does not make sense.

Anonymous said...

Living proof of the speed of social media. Kevin Gosztola just posted the story on his site..The Dissenter

This story is going viral. And I bet heads are exploding at DHS/BLM. They know they can't afford a Waco. They know it would start a civil war.

Anonymous said...

Well, according to the Stewart Rhodes letter, the family is requesting no one have "rifles" at the answer the question about why the locals aren't showing up armed.

Doesn't sound like they're too serious at this point.

Phelps said...

Beats me why the locals aren't showing up armed.

No Fort Sumpters, that's why.

Note the tactical information here.

1) They can't control their dogs. BLM dogs are extremely poorly trained and handled in this situation. They are not properly trained attack dogs.

That means that they can be provoked, and BLM is playing a dangerous game by having them there. They are there for intimidation, pure and simple, but if you realize that, then they are more trouble for BLM than for the protesters. Draw dog bites. They are bigger problem for BLM than the injury itself.

2) The tasers were completely and totally ineffective. Between solid ranch clothes and poor deployment by the agents, tasers are an empty threat.

3) Because the people stuck together, they weren't able to make any arrests. If they had been allowed to isolate anyone, they would have arrested them. Since they couldn't get into the lines of the protestors, they weren't able to take anyone away.

Watch. Understand. Learn.

FedUp said...