Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No, I'd say it was pretty much of an open conspiracy.

Boehner: No 'secret conspiracy' to jam through immigration overhaul.


William Flatt said...

Speaking of open conspiracy, I recommend all of you literary-minded readers get H.G. Wells' (of "War of the Worlds" fame) nonfiction book, "The Open Conspiracy". It is as illuminating as his other nonfiction, "The New World Order" (which originated the term made familiar by Hitler and George H.W. Bush).

Anonymous said...

Go to and donate to J.D.Winteregg's campaign to replace Boehner in Congress. He was fired from his job at a so-called Cheistian University because of his video ad against Boehner wherein he made a little semi-adult humor. Mr. Winteregg (the tea-party candidate) deserves our support against Boehner. His video ad says you must seek medical attention after a having a boehner for 23 years. The ad also mentions that keeping Boehner is electile disfunction. The idiots at his employer, Cedarville University, took offense at the humor in the ad and fired him. In addition to contributing to Winteregg's campaign I also called the Cedarville University and left them an appropriate voicemail about them firing Winteregg for such a ridiculous reason. News of the firing has resulted in a big increase in contributions to Winteregg's campaign, according to his campaign manager. Search out the video ad on the internet. It is very funny.