Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Government supremacist uses hate term to push citizen disarmament

The thing is, it's not our side trying to disarm people of different races and cultures, it's Dionne's. And as JPFO has been instrumental in demonstrating, ever since its founder, the late Aaron Zelman, changed the paradigm of the debate, the biggest threat to human life and dignity has always been the monsters enabled by government supremacists like E. J. Dionne, Jr. and his patrons at The Washington Post.


Anonymous said...

Ej Dionne looks, acts, and speaks in a way that makes him the definition of a beta male. He is the biggest sissy I have ever seen out of the media, which is saying quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

The NRA wields no power. None whatsoever. The NRA's membership wields power through their willingness to vote against the kind of candidates that people like E J Dionne tend to support.