Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another alternate universe heard from.

Wayne LaPierre and Sarah Palin at the National Rifle Association is what an American Nazi Party rally would sound like if Germany had won the war. The flag, the cross, the obsession over the danger posed to the ruling class by violent minorities and the warning that arming yourself to the teeth in order to prevent the demise of the very nation at the hands of those violent minorities, the petty mocking of the rule of law and mocking of the quaint sensibilities of those who would not commit crimes against the nation's enemies. There's nothing Godwin about it, this is what it would look like. Does look like, in certain meeting halls and convention centers.
See also: The NRA has declared war on America.


SWIFT said...

Hunter is unhappy because the Russians didn't win the cold war. Must be a product of the 70's when being a commie was considered cool.

Anonymous said...

Really don't care what the far left is saying.
Just another shot at the NRA.
Don't like them? Don't send money.
Hope you start feeling better.

AJ said...

The Daily Kos is every bit as nuts as Sarah Palin.
FWIW, there is no situation where the use of torture is acceptable. Especially when one considers that the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism is the US, with Israel and Saudi Arabia in second and third place.
It's a very dangerous thing to rationalize the use of torture by merely accusing someone of being a 'terrorist'.
Keep in mind that many of our favorite bloggers are considered borderline terrorists by this administration and their lapdog media pals.

Anonymous said...

Torture is something done as retribution - as punishment.
Life in prison without the possibility of parole - TORTURE! And a lifetime of it ! Slicing skin, bamboo under fingernails, beatings, electric shock and those sorts of physically harmful actions leaving physical scars are also torture.

Denying sleep, uncomfortable temperatures and living conditions and even pouring water on someone during the initial days after capture - heck even scaring them with their own irrational fears (like caterpillars) is NOT torture. If it WAS, then all gun carriers are "torturing" the anti gun folks by imposing "fear" upon them via carrying.

You know who's nuts? The folks who think war waged upon us by pure evil can be responded to with niceties of a perfect world. Like.... You can't deny religious appropriate meals and Korans and prayer rugs but by golly you can mow them down by the thousands and tens of thousands.

Perfect worlders have to get a clue.

Just as it IS TRUE that there IS a time to detonate nuclear devices, there is also a time to take extraordinary measures to stop a nuclear detonation.

The answer here is not blanket prohibitions for feel good politics. It's forcing the executive to be held accountable for decisions made. That is to say - no third party proxy country games and no enhanced interrogations in absolute secret. Admit those being subjected to these standards openly and explain why. This OPENNESS is in itself the justification AND the balance creating check upon such power.

The secrecy is the actual problem and source of abuse. We cannot fight war without proper tools because THATS when actual innocent civilians are harmed.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't even direct reader attention to crap like this Mike. You want to make the Daily "Kommie" more irrelevant? Treat them more irrelevant.

Carl Stevenson said...

AJ ...

Waterboarding as "torture" come on ... Uncomfortable, yes. Physically harmful? Not if done right.
The folks at Kos are bat shit crazy. Sarah speaks the truth from a common sense perspective.
I'd take her as Prez over Jeb Bush, Christy, or any of the other establishment traitors that keep getting named as "contenders."

Anonymous said...

Dear "AJ:" Waterboarding is not torture. Get a clue. Also, please drop the "our" crap - you're not one of us. In fact, you sound downright anti-American to me. As well as being an anti-Semitic bigot. Maybe you would be more at home elsewhere, like oh, I don't know, the Daily Kos?

alanstorm said...

And yet another alternate universe (AJ) heard from.

Anonymous said...

Sarah haters like to call names and spout generalities but never actually explain why she musters so much emotional response from them. I swear, it's like there is a google algorithm that tosses out posts all over the internet as a bot campaign. Wait.......

Leslie Bates said...

How do any of these people manage to get out of bed in the afternoon without killing themselves? And does this apparent moron has the slightest clue as to what National Socialism was or how it would materially manifest in Nazi America? A quick answer to the second question would be to tell the apparent moron to get a bath and a haircut, put on a uniform designed by Hugo Boss, and look in a mirror.

As described by Leonard Peikoff in The Ominous Parallels the vision of the American Left is essentially National Socialism without the Aryan frills. Of course in the socialist mentality ignorance is a fundamental strength. When I attended the NRA convention held in Minneapolis two decades ago an ignorant girl-child in riding in a passing car screamed the word “Murderer” at me. As I was in normal street clothes two blocks from the Convention Center the clearly ignorant child could not have reached a valid identification on sight alone.

Is readership of The Daily Kos paying attention at all? To read the hit piece I had to pass a pop-up calling for the silencing of the Libertarian Koch Brothers. Here only the self-appointed Ministry of Truth is allowed to speak.

Carl Stevenson said...

Leslie. You are correct. The parallels are frightening and must be publicly proclaimed and highlighted to their moronic, naive followers.
There's a reason we proclaim "Never again!"

Anonymous said...

The NRA has not declared war on America. We have declared war on the so-called leaders who have declared war on our rights! We want those folks out of office and out of power. Sarah Palin isn't nuts. She just has a rather shrill voice, but with her looks and good values, we should be happy to put up with her voice.

Shawn McEwen said...

I for one have real reservations about Palin. I'm not sure what it is about her, maybe something as yet unspoken, but it's there just under the surface. That being said, I could see her as a national leader in some capacity. I would watch her like a hawk though. She's not the worst choice, but also not the best. In fact, I'm not sure the best is out there yet, and I'm not sure this nation would be able to get over itself long enough to recognize the best.

What I find absolutely chilling is the unbridled hatred hiding behind the too thinly stretched veil of seething indignation, and misplaced fear displayed by the responders of this "article". THEY are the face of Nazism so ineffectually alluded to in Hunter's piece of trash. The left IS bat shit crazy, but also dangerous beyond reckoning in their present form and manner. They remind me of a crowd of frenzied roadies rushing the stage to display their adoration of "whatever", all the while trampling all that impedes their self indulging rush toward fantastical bliss. So far (maybe forever) they remain ignorant of the fact that, once conceived, their form of utopia will grind them to oblivion in the name of "fairness" and "progress", while the world yet again becomes the constant grey that swallows the color of individuality. I fear the future. But I'll meet it on my feet just the same.

Anonymous said...

To all those supporting do you reconcile her comments in violation of the 8th Amendment against cruel and unusual punishment (including torture) with your supposed support of the Bill of Rights?...or do you simply not recognize the inalienable human rights codified in its text when it doesn't suit your purpose?

There's a name for people like you....hypocrites.

Carl Stevenson said...

Anon at 8:24
Weatherboarding isn't torture. It's simply trying to help cleanse them of their sins.

Anonymous said...

Carl, if you don't have a real answer for the question, why bother with the levity?

If you're serious, perhaps you'd be willing to be waterboarded?

Considering a certain Senator is actively calling us domestic terrorists, I wonder how you'll feel about this "non-torture cleansing" when the US Government (fully legal under NDAA) will use it on your wife or daughter to get "confessions/testimony" about your actions, associates, weapons caches, etc.

Can't see past the nose on your face....or are you really that dense?