Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spent the night in a truck stop parking lot. See you at the Creek today.

Any local folks who aren't going to the Creek but who would like to meet can drop me an email (I have a hotel room for tonight) and maybe we can do breakfast (or lunch) on Sunday. At the Creek, I'll be wearing my "Arms Smuggler" hat to make it easier for the ATF and probably hanging around the Shotgun News tables (or at least I'll let them know where I am).


SWIFT said...

The way the ATF floods Knob Creek with agents, there is no need to let them know where you are at. They have a photo file on you, bigger than your family's . Want to burn their balls? Get some pictures of them and post 'em on line. Roaches hate light! Oh, have fun while you're there. I love the Creek.

chris muir said...

Keep goin'.

And,thank you.

Anonymous said...

No Shotgun News tent this time. Didn`t spot the hat.

Anonymous said...

Just in on Fox News. I watched the Sheriff on the stage myself. The BLM is pulling out as of right now. They stated they are concerned for the safety of their personnel, (200 armed agents with sniper cover?? HMMMM) Anyway that many Militia and patriots put the fear of God in them and they tucked their tails and ran.

Dan said...

Give a yell when you're coming back south to home base- maybe see you in Nashville on that return leg.


Anonymous said...

Since Mike can't update due to the cell towers being shut down by the Feds, I'll do it.

The Feds have backed off of the Bundy Ranch...for now. No doubt it was a call from the West Wing that did it. The Prez saw this as harmful to the already troubled democrat party in the up coming mid-term elections.

But backing off won't help them. People don't forget. The democrats are still in deep excrement.

He screwed up in the first place by going way out on a thin branch in order to push his Agenda 21.

'O' must have heard some cracking noises under his feet, (or maybe it was the sound of a thousand charging handles slamming forward), because he and his Federal minions scurried back down their rat holes...for now!

Stay alert! Patriot Americans converging on an atrocity like the Bundy Ranch fiasco works! Next time, let's all act sooner before pregnant women get tased, OK?

Anonymous said...

Did anybody get ID photos of the 'contract cowboys' that rounded up the Bundy cattle? These guys need to be outed.