Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sorry, no posts today. PS: Believe none of the damn disinformation that's been circulating about the "Feds strike back."

Outta time. Barely could get the comments released and I answered no emails either. Have to get to the airport in PS: Believe none of the damn disinformation that's been circulating about the "Feds strike back." time for TSA to fondle me, the perverts. Will take my computer and if they'll let me carry it on, I'll update as I can between flights. It looks like half my email is such crap and as far as I know there's not a bit of truth to it.


Anonymous said...

People can be so stupid. There is both an official blog and a Facebook page for the Bundy Ranch. Instead, idiots follow the jester of the faux "revolution".


Come on, people, go directly to the source. It's not that hard.

Glenn Beck is wrong about this issue in many ways, but he's not wrong when he refuses to even mention that jester's name.

Have a safe trip, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you that there is probably no credible information, but we all know the world is leading to something awful and terrible in the future. We either face nuclear world war 3, economic collapse, martial law, or some other damn thing. The powers that be have proven that they may make tactical retreats but they will never fully retreat. Its like a child molesting pervert or a seriel killer. They might be smart in how they plan and execute their crimes but they can't stop and won't stop. Their appetite for power is like our appetite for a pizza (if that is your favorite food) after 100% fasting for 4 days.

HappyClinger said...

The Oathkeepers website is down. Has it crashed because of traffic, or has it been shut down by "authorities?"

Anonymous said...

And so it begins. As predicted, CT "law enforcement" chooses the way of the coward by selective enforcement based on convenience and a deck stacked completely in their favor.

If the NRA or GOA doesn't stand up for this guy in court pro-bono, then goddamn both organizations straight to hell.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to more information on this topic


Anonymous said...

I don't believe anything w/o confirmation ... but always good to know

Kristophr said...

Wear a kilt.

Insist on a thorough pat down. Moan orgasmicly when they do it.

Anonymous said...

Kristopher- I haven't flown in years but I have wondered what they would do if I temporarily turned gay and said "heeyy can I gets me a hot guy to feel me up" in my extra loud voice.