Sunday, April 20, 2014

A photo of Harry Reid's 2014 Jenny Award Trophy for Incitement to Civil War


Joe said...

Mike, there is NO DOUBT that Harry Reid rates his new Award Trophy.

(I thought for a moment you were holding a small scale model of the entire District of Columbia.)

Anonymous said...

On you, that cowboy hat looks good! I am sure that these local cowboys have accepted you as one of their own. Thank you for all that you do, and please be safe out there, the deadliest snakes aren't always in the sagebrush.


Sdv1949 said...

Mike, you need to lighten up and fatten up. Stay home and do what your doctor and Miss Rosie say, and just write for us. You look like a west Texas drought cow.

We need you too much to lose you. Please, look after yourself.

In love.

j said...

@@ JOE - No, a model of DC would be porcelain and have a flush handle.
Mike - you do look scary, no wonder that Ohio guy thought you were going to go berserk and attack everyone.
Finally - I showed the picture to a friend who said, 'Wow. You think he's single?" I said, no, Mike is very much married.
"No, no... the other one..."

Anonymous said...

No one offered to lend you a Colt single action to complete the look?

Good speech, good cause. Glad you made it, but please get some rest. Try a nightly bowl of ice cream to put some weight on, seems to work for me.

Average Moke said...

That's a great picture and you were made for that hat! - all it needs is single action with a gun belt.