Thursday, April 17, 2014

Press Release: Harry Reid to be awarded 2014 Incitement to Civil War Trophy by citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh

17 April 2014
Harry Reid to be awarded 2014 Incitement to Civil War Trophy by citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh
Senator Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, will be awarded the 2014 "Incitement to Civil War" Trophy by Alabama citizen journalist and Second Amendment activist Mike Vanderboegh at a ceremony at the Cliven Bundy Ranch on Saturday, April 19, 2014. Vanderboegh, who with fellow writer David Codrea first broke the Fast and Furious scandal story in a series on the Internet in December 2010 and January 2011, is in Nevada to show support for the Bundy family and their struggle with the federal government.
Said Vanderboegh, "When Dirty Harry Reid tells us that 'This isn't over' and calls the Bundys and their supporters "'domestic terrorists' he is using -- literally -- the 'bully pulpit' to solicit the next American civil war. Reid is a corrupt bully and he understands that this struggle is not about tortoises or cows or even the vast spaces of the American west claimed by the federal government, it is about power, federal power to use naked state-sponsored terrorism to compel the American people to do what the perfumed princes of Harry Reid's Mandarin class insist is for their own good, even if it kills them."
"It was the misbehavior and jack-booted thuggery of the Bureau of Land Management run by Reid's toady that motivated people to come to the Bundys' defense. This is about two fundamentally different answers to this question: 'Does the government serve the people as the Founders intended, or will the people be servants of the government?' Harry Reid believes that the people should serve the government -- or else. For inciting the federal government into planning for another Waco, Reid more than deserves this award."
Vanderboegh will have a further statement and will take questions tomorrow at the press venue down the road from the Bundy Ranch at 1:00 in the afternoon.
Mike Vanderboegh may be contacted at email:
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Anonymous said...

Reid has already labelled Mike and all of us 2nd Amendment advocates as domestic terrorists, so you might as well give him an award.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Reid knows the definition of terrorism, do you? And he certainly doesn't know the real purpose of the Second Amendment. I hope he doesn't have to learn the hard way. (Rope does not have to be made of hemp.)

Anonymous said...

under the NDAA..this is a very serious and dangerous charge.....since many are still in harms way, as the feds seem to be planning with the state of Nevada clark county,LE....a strong response to armed self defense that was shown at the Bundy Ranch.....where are the state and federal politicians for the Bundy Ranch are coming to question the tactics employeed by the BLM and sheriff gillespi.....imho

MtTopPatriot said...

You go Mike!
You got courage and grit.
I hope every kind of good thing imaginable happens for everyone at the Bundy ranch. I have faith no matter the tribulations that may come we all will prevail in the end because of the good folks down there and across this great land.

I believe we are seeing the grasping desperation's of a dying elite.

The fed thugs and tyrants have only one avenue of imposition of their rule, and that is by force of violence. Whatever fig leaf of legitimacy covered their tyranny and corruption disappeared in the Nevada desert.

All power those running things think they posses grows out of the barrel of their guns.

That's not much power if you ask me.

It will never garner consent.
It will create a plurality anathema to everything the son of a bitches wish to impose on us.

The true power in this great land resides within the people. Through courage, self sacrifice, defiance and refusing to consent to the power of the state, revolt in the face of threat of violence, the entire dynamic of power shifted to any and all who revolt against the statist bastards running things. As time goes on a mighty legion of Liberty, a plurality, will coalesce from a nebulous grass roots existence of Freemen from every corner and walk of life.

It is the state that will create this legion of enemies to it's existence. It's every act and diktat, indeed it's very existence, is invalid, it has despoiled all trust of it's people.

It will, those running it, will lash out in fear and desperation to acquire the power it assumed it possessed but only was granted by consent, which no longer exists either.
Nevada was the federal governments own death certificate.

The psychopaths and sycophants running things are going to do desperate terrible things now. That is the way of tyrants and consummate crooks.
And in these acts of outright tyranny and police state tactics, a legion of Americans will arise. A force of retribution that will not be denied, a force that can not be stopped, terrible in exacting comeuppance for decades of malfeasance and corruption, pay back for this heinous culture of hubris elitism and wanton greed.

It's coming sure as the sun rises.

The funny thing is, it is an opportunity that comes only once in an age, the triumph of Liberty reborn.

Be safe.
Know that many hearts are with you all.
Hold the moral high ground for everything it is worth.


Howie Honky said...

Accepting for Whorehouse Harry Reid will be his personal assistant and buttboy, John Boehner.

Anonymous said...

Tyrants vs. Terrorist's. More of us than them.

SWIFT said...

"Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles; lest the Lord see it, and it displeases Him, and He turn away His wrath from him." Proverbs 17:17-18. I believe the government will risk another Waco, or even civil war, to teach the militias a lesson. In their eyes, the humiliation in Nevada, cannot be allowed to stand. I see God's hand in the victory at Bunkerville. But, a much bigger WAR is coming and we patriots will need God's hand to win that fight. To paraphrase Winston Churchill: Make no mistake, Bunkerville was not the end; it was the end of the beginning.

Anonymous said...

"Harry Reid presented with Neck Tie under spreading Chestnut Tree"

The next award?


Anonymous said...

What will the trophy look like?

NC Dutchman said...

Since Harry Reid is running his alligator mouth (which overrides his jay bird ass as usual), why hasn't he been charged by any authorities for attempting to incite violence ?? Just goes to show you that scum bag politicians like Reid can say anything without repercussions but average citizens are charged and harassed by the Gestapo thugs if they call anyone anything.
Reid should be taken base jumping off of a Vegas casino roof without a parachute. That way he could make a big splash in the news.