Saturday, April 12, 2014

Courage is contagious, defiance is contagious, victory is contagious. The huge win in the desert at the Bundy Ranch.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of the victory won in the desert today. While the behind-the-scenes details are not clear yet, it is obvious that something unprecedented in the war on the west that has been waged by the imperial federal government has, against all odds, happened. The feds were routed -- routed. There is no other word that applies. Courage is contagious, defiance is contagious, victory is contagious. Yet the war is not over. The empire, you may be assured, WILL strike back. This will be the subject of angry words at an Obama cabinet meeting on Monday. Someone in federal government will want blood, rest assured. The feds, having lost the Madate of Heaven and demonstrated their impotence in this case, will not want to repeat it lest the peasants get the right idea -- that they are not as omnipotent as they claim to be. However, this is a perfect example of when the people lead, the leaders will follow. And believe me, the governors of those states who have adopted tyrannical laws on firearms should take note and tremble. There is a new spirit of resistance abroad in the land. The folks in Nevada were not cowed by federal guns pointed at them under the overpass. I spoke to resisters from CT, NY and MD today at the creek, and they possess this as well. Yes, if I were Cuomo, O'Malley or Malloy, I would look at what happened in the desert today and be very, very afraid.


Anonymous said...

here is the link to a good picture. It came very close.


Anonymous said...

Molon Labe!

David Neylon said...

Oh, come out you black and tans,
Come out and fight me like a man
Show your wives how you won medals down in Flanders
Tell them how the IRA made you run like hell away,
From the green and lovely lanes in Killashandra.

Anonymous said...

Supporters of Bundy are now called "Domestic Terrorists" by Libtards.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management announced today that it was ending its effort to seize Cliven Bundy’s herd of cattle that has been illegally grazing on federal land. The reason the BLM suspended the cattle round up was to protect the safety of federal employees and members of the general public. Bundy and a smattering of his right-wing supporters have threatened to wage a range war if the government continues with its effort to enforce the law. Let that sink in for a minute. The government is halting their efforts to enforce the law because of the threats being made by Bundy supporters.
BLM Director Neil Konze issued a statement arguing that:
Based on information about conditions on the ground and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public.

In other words, the threat of violent opposition to the federal government enforcing current law, caused the government to back down and yield to the demands of domestic terrorists.
Cliven Bundy has refused to comply with the law since 1993 when he stopped paying for permits to have his cattle graze on federal lands. Unlike other ranchers in the region, he is a freeloader who defiantly refuses to pay for grazing permits and who rejects the authority of the federal government to enforce the law.
While conservative bloggers, media personalities, and even some politicians are treating Bundy as some sort of folk hero, they should be careful about the precedent Bundy is setting. Patriot groups are quick to rally to Bundy’s cause, but his rhetoric and behavior is eerily reminiscent of the violent insurrectionist behavior of past domestic terrorists like Gordon Kaul, an anti-tax “sovereign citizen” who murdered two federal agents in North Dakota in 1983. When anti-government extremism reaches the point where it is used to justify murdering police officers and federal officials, it undermines the rule of law and puts people’s lives needlessly in jeopardy.

Turning anti-government ranchers who advocate waging war on the federal government into heroes simply emboldens domestic terrorists to feel justified in murdering federal officials with self-righteous zeal. Right-wing pundit and bloggers who hail Bundy’s political grandstanding as some sort of victory for liberty should bear in mind that Bundy is a supremely selfish individual who refuses to recognize the rule of law because he does not want to pay his fair share. Furthermore, they should recognize that by embracing the tactics of Bundy and his supporters who threaten armed violence against federal law enforcement officials, they are fanning the flames of domestic insurrection.
The leap from the rhetoric of Cliven Bundy to providing aid and comfort for the next Gordon Kaul or the next Timothy McVeigh is not much of a jump. Responsible citizens and journalists should not applaud Bundy’s actions or those of the “Patriot” groups that armed themselves on Bundy’s behalf. Americans should the reject anti-government violence Bundy and his supporters espouse and instead defend the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

What government jack boot organization are you employed by?

Gunny G said...

Progressives retreat but like a rattlesnake they strike back from cover. Rest assured Fast and Furious Eric and the rest of the minions will be getting goosestepping orders when The Tyrant rolls out of bed around 10AM on Monday and converses with Rasputin Jarrett, the REAL enemy of America.

Stu said...

Bet you a tuna sandwich that King George was thinking the same thing about all those upstart American colonists who were fed up with his “Intolerable Acts.”

King Hussein is just going to have to suck it up, or he’s going to have a second American Revolution on his hands.

Paul Kisling said...

It was surrender or die. The BLM are not mercs. The decision was easy.

Backwoods Engineer said...

Anonymous @9:42:
Rhetoric like that from the prog-commies tells me that they were embarrassed by this victory, and want "their guy" in this fight (the Feds) to get back in there and get some blood. Make no mistake: if a civil war starts, it is THEIR SIDE that wanted it.

Cameraman said...

9:42 Anon WHO Wrote this Leftwing BullShit?

J. Hannibal Smith said...

Clark County resident here...

The SHTF in the last day or so when the Harry Reid/China Solar link was revealed. There are a number of Soros-paid trolls on the LV Review Journal comment section, blatantly calling the protestors terrorists and worse, not unlike the comment above.

The Feds backed down today, but I suspect they will try something in the next 24-72 hours. They need a show of force during the next news cycle, lest we plebeians get any ideas.

In the meantime, we're sitting back here, logging where the jackboots live.

Reid is in office because of the SEIU and Caesars (I personally witnessed company busses taking rank and file to the polls in 2010). Caesars is on the verge of bankruptcy - finish them off and do NOT patronize their garbage properties (Horseshoe, Harrahs, et al).

Rhodes said...

Do not trust anything said by the government, it is very possible even likely this thing is not over at all.

As for what the statists are saying... who cares any longer. Time for debate is long over.

Make your preps, keep your nose in the wind, and your eye on the crest.

Anonymous said...

I'm certain this confrontation will come down to what all other such "wars" in that particular region have been about; WATER !

Sans water today's "Lost Wages" playground's fountains and golf courses and most of its citizens go away and it returns to its beginnings as a dusty waterhole . I would like to see many others probe the machinations of the BLM in this area. At one time Mr. Bundy had a lot of neighbors. What happened to those ranchers ? AND their water rights ?

It appears Senator Reid, his family and several upper level bureaucrats are all neck deep in this particularly odorous pot of kimschi. >Jeff

Anonymous said...

Cameraman (11:25PM): The author of the article "Anon" posted is, "written by Keith Brekhus for PoliticusUSA"

Anonymous said...

A stunning victory against tyranny, and a great example of Federalist 46 in action! The combo of the people uploading info directly to the people on the Internet, along with a massive display of force with AK and AR rifles, gave the best possible victory - one that is won without firing a shot.

Take away the free speech or the gun rights and the govt would have had an easy win - which is exactly why they are there! I believe the Harry Reid info going viral also made the NV crook freak out, too. But ultimately it came down to the sissy federal cops realizing they would get their asses kicked in a shoot out - after they had already lost the PR war online.

Remember, all wars are political - not strategic. The Feds will certainly counter this, but they learned a humiliating lesson today - the regime media cannot cover their tracks like in Waco or Ruby Ridge.

SWIFT said...

This is no time to sit around and gloat about a "victory". The FED's will not take this lying down. In some office somewhere, there are evil people sitting around planning for the next assault on the American people. Remember, this misadventure ended because of the nefarious activities of Harry Reid, the Chinese, American lawyers representing the Chinese and puppets in the BLM,taking political orders from politicians. The planners will take all this into advisement, make sure all loose ends are tied, then begin their assault. This misadventure was sloppy. It won't happen again.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this is not over and there will be some action by the Feds to show everyone who's boss.

Our Merry Band of Totalitarians simply MUST find a way to control content over the internet. They can't have stuff like the Harry Reid/BLM connection being disseminated amongst the proles if we're going to move FORWARD.

Mark Matis said...

Ah, but Anonymous at April 13, 2014 at 3:26 AM, ABCNNBCBS and their dead-tree fellow travelers would never let that link be made. And the hive dwellers would lap it up, as they always do.

Never forget that the hives are the very core of their power.

Anonymous said...

They're not retreating; they're regrouping!

topofthechain said...

Many lessons were learned from this. The one though I'd like to address is that some petty bureaucrat with a beaten ego was just shown up by everyday folks not respecting his authority. Others of his ilk will note the way things were handled and will exert their will to assure such a situation does not happen again, rather they will try to control the battlefield even more. Be ready for it.

Dakota said...

Hey Anon 9:42, or should I say government "toadie"?
Maybe you should get your facts straight on this matter. Bundy purchased the user rights to this land 100 years ago. If you care to get the rest of the story somewhere other than CNN you might learn something. I am not going to take the time here to educate the ignorant.
What I am going to do is set you straight on what it is your key words here especially "Anti Government". This is a lie and you should know better. Bundy, if anything is anti tyrant and his supporters (smattering my ass) are against being pushed off the land so that others can move in and make politicians and their criminal buddies rich at the expense of others.

Also your mention of Gordon Kahl is a prime example of why you are in fact a government troll on a patriotic blog. Gordon Kahl was a war hero, and yes he was a "common law" guy, which means he was misguided. He did not "murder" two Federal agents in North Dakota. He was ambushed on his way back to his farm and he and his son defended themselves. His son Yori was wounded severely and after the ambush failed Gordon took his son to the hospital and went missing. He was found in Arkansas by the Feds and subsequently murdered and his body burned beyond recognition. Also dead was the local Sheriff Gene Matthews. A subsequent investigation by Jack McLamb and another distinguished L E O raised a very strong possibility that the Sheriff was killed by the Feds because he would not allow them to murder Kahl.
Get you facts straight if you want to be taken seriously on this blog you government stooge.

Anonymous said...

"This misadventure was sloppy. It won't happen again."

Sure it will. All people in government are moral pigmies.

Right now govco are sitting down wondering what to do. They have two choices:

1) Crack down, throw a lot of people in jail, kill some more. That carries the high risk of war.

2) Back down, and look stupid and impotent. That too carries risk, of more people ignoring the ruling class. But since lots of recent events do the same, I expect them to take the hit. They sure don't want open war; it does not serve their ends of looting us. Especially if they end up hanging from lamp posts.

Anonymous said...

Important information is waiting to be mined here.

If it was, indeed, courage that ended this then we, the people, need to bottle it and sell it. We need to find out exactly why the govt backed away here but not at Ruby Ridge, Waco or at a raw milk dairy (

If the govt did not merely beat a strategic retreat, having done what they came to do, then what worked and what didn't? What backed them off?

Also, I am wondering if someone was coming too close to the real reason the BLM is all fired interested in that land.

The work is not over and this was barely a skirmish.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:14....What part of the term "libtard" and the posting of an article to let everyone here see what the leftists are saying about the Bundy incident makes me a government "jack boot"?

I see someone else already posted the author's name. Thanks to that person.

Guys, I also posted a link to the article. I know you probably didn't want to click it to give them a hit, but it would have contained that information.

Anonymous said...

Good hide! Except for the idiot looking over the top of the highway barrier giving away his general location.

The shooter could fire away with impunity. And against the best of the best Federal snipers, only stood a tiny chance of being located, much less being the victim of successful return fire.

Put this photo in tactical notebook.

Anonymous said...

After watching the fed's cattle stealing attempt I've learned 2
things.(1)The media can no longer control what goes out to the public anymore thanks to the internet (2) cops and gov't. officials are more than willing to kill and maim the people in this country for a paycheck but
when it comes to them getting killed for that paycheck it's a
whole different can of worms.

countenance said...

What is important here is not just to revel in the fact that we won. We have to understand how and why we won.

Easy answer: We won the PR war. The other side, the Feds and their sycophants, really didn't even show up, mysteriously.

Col Bat Guano said...

Yeah well don't start the party yet, pal! The Empire will be back. Like Waco, The DC will not take this initial humiliation lying down. Remember the ATF lost the first battle with the Davidians - badly - and then came back to crush and burn them like bugs.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that thinks this is a victory is wrong. Now instead of a face to face confrontation there will be a never ending sequence of legal actions that will destroy that farmer. Mark my words, 2 years from now that ranch will be gone. And every bit of it will be legal. Remember that everything that Hitler did was legal at the time he did it.

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that the counter-sniper was laying on the side of the eastbound I-15 interstate highway bridge. At times traffic was flowing pretty good, but most of the afternoon it was stopped or at a crawl. Many truckers whom could see over the barriers of the action below were honking their loud horns in support. The BLM "rangers" and their hired helpers were out numbered and out gunned 10 to 1.

Anonymous said...

If and when it starts, it won't be a "civil war". It will be a war to restore Liberty! Let's remember that and go to the polls and vote this year so maybe we can avoid bloodshed to restore Liberty.

Robohobo said...

Here is the thing. Fed.Gov has the pictures and identities of all of the Bundy supporters, their license plate numbers, etc. The lawfare shall now begin. IRS audits. Employer intimidation. Just watch. the tyrants cannot let this stand.

johnnyreb said...

Americans should the reject anti-government violence Bundy and his supporters espouse and instead defend the rule of law.

Liberals only care about the rule if law when they're losing.

Anonymous said...

I put up something similar to this on my site the other day. Look for the "Parson's Cause". It might sound familiar. History does repeat itself.