Sunday, April 13, 2014

Threeper report from Bunkerville NV. "Obama, no more Wacos"

Wielding a sign that read, "Obama, no more Wacos", one man said: "I studied what happened at Waco and I've seen the way they burned those people out of their church. I'm not going to allow that to happen again."
Spent yesterday at the "Battle of Bunkerville", what a great day! I have attached some pictures, which you are more than welcome to publish.
My reflections of the day after getting a good night's sleep are that two factors are very important in securing victories over the Fed agents (or any tyrant attack dogs), NUMBERS and ARMS.
One or another isn't good enough. The "Occupy" movement only had numbers and were eventually put down and disbanded. A few armed "domestic terrorists" would be put down like the Branch Davidians in Waco.
Yesterday we had a thousand+, 80% armed group of patriots standing up for the Bundy's against the 30-40 armed BL:M and contractor forces, and we won. The BLM left, the Clark Co. sheriff had no option, but to stand up for the Bundy's (I am sure he didn't like that position he was forced into).
Perhaps we should call this Fifth Generation warfare? The keys again are large numbers of ARMED people. They could not deploy tear gas for fear of getting shot, plus the wind was blowing back in their direction. They could do nothing but threaten us with words (which no one could understand due to bad speakers and the wind). We kept advancing with the "cavalry" in the front center and everyone else either on the sides, behind the horses or on the bridge above. The BLM hid behind their trucks and SUVs, but you could tell they wanted to leave. Finally, they said they would leave and release the cattle, if we would back up about 50 yards. The Bundy's asked the crowd to back up, and we did. Then they retreated, and two hours later the cowboys brought the cattle through the wash back towards the Bundy Ranch.
I was able to give Cliven Bunday one of the copper tokens I sent to you. He was preoccupied and didn't have a chance to take a close look at it, but he thanked me for it.
Here is an article from The Guardian online edition on the event. I am the one interviewed about my "Obama, no more Wacos" sign.
Best wishes and hope your health issues resolve themselves,
Bill from Arizona
Plus, here's some more excellent photos of the standoff.


Anonymous said...

Going ARMED is a simple exercise of right.
All those saying that we must leave arms at home can sit down to their plates of crow and we can wait for them to finish their dessert of Hubble Pie.

I mean no disrespect here. However, it is time to stop conceding RIGHTS as if exercising them is some way improper. If armed Citizens "scare " government employees.... GOOD ! It's actually SUPPOSED TO. You see, our ability to exercise our RIGHT to go armed IS the check that creates balance on their policing powers. It keeps THEM honest in their actions.

It's time they experience the same things we do. No more hamstringing We The People! Equality IS the answer. Equal footing keeps the peace and it's time the controllers learn that lesson.

Know that more episodes ARE afoot. And the more times this goes down and we don't act a fool - but they continue to do so, the more episodes will be created. And it's not US at disadvantage in that case. It's THEM at disadvantage. The top tier cannot possibly micromanage us all. Not even just three percent of us.

THEY will make the mistakes. THEY will overreach out of frustration. THEY will be the ones acting a fool. They will indeed lose badly the more they push. All we have to do is exercise our rights - unafraid - knowing that we DO actually surround THEM!

Anonymous said...

Two comments:

1) As usual, the only decent photojournalism coverage of events in America are to be found in a UK paper.

2) The fedgoons are furious. They'll be back, with a breathtaking escalation of force the next time around.

Allen said...

so, who has one of those "first amendment area" signs for their garage?

Anonymous said...

The left is screaming for action and legal system sanctions to be made against Rancher Bundy once supporters go home.

They do not seem to understand the utility of the 100 Heads insurance system or the immutable Law of Unintended Consequences.

Those responsible for the Fedral outrages at Bunkerville (LOVE the name!) need to realise that their names have been taken and that accuntability is not only ongoing but inevitable if further action of any stripe is taken.

'Hello! I am from the 100 Heads Insurance company' should be words that they pray never to hear waay into the future ...

Just saying ...


Bruce Krafft said...

I believe John 3:20 is the relevant passage - For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if the nest time, a couple hundred patriots surrounded the local BLM office?

Anonymous said...


I wonder when (not if) the other shoe will drop.

The Empire will strike back. For many and sundry reasons they have no choice but to strike back. They know full well that this is a struggle to see how far the pendulum swings on this cycle.

Anonymous said...

This isn't over....the state police are involved now as well...and they are busing in more feds.

Eric said...

I'd bet a lot of roof and food money that the fight has just begun. As evidence I refer you to and an article by Will Grigg titled: "The Regime Doesn't Handle Defeat Gracefully."
It is worth the time to study and research it carefully.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to all who participated! Cheerleaders! Hayrides! Airshow! Food! Festivities! Fun!

SargesGiftShop said...

There is a lesson to be learned here from the "Minute Men" of our past
When the Feds learned "More Militias were on the way" to help, they became very nervous.
My fellow Patriots, this is a powerful lesson we must not forget,
And I think it will be more than 3%

III More Than Them said...

There needs to be an active presence at the Bundy Ranch by capable supporters. without protection, the whole lot of them could potentially be raided and taken away.

After that, the cattle will be taken on the pretense of "animal rights" and caring for the poor things left behind by their irresponsible owners.

One the Bundys are in jail and charged, setting them free via militia action will be impossible.

What EVERYONE is ignoring is this simple fact: This action was only possible because the Bundys were out there, on their land, with supporters.

They will be whisked away like Elian Gonzales, and if some perish "resisting", oh fucking well!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If armed Citizens "scare " government employees.... GOOD ! It's actually SUPPOSED TO.


Imagine if an employee of the Third Reich or the Soviet Secret Police, or of the Khmer Rouge (Pick any one of the many evil organizations from the 20th century, they're all the same under the surface.) had looked up and realized that there was someone with a rifle chambered in .308 or 5.56 NATO looking at them through their scope.

It's kinda hard to herd people into cattle cars, or to herd people into gulags, or herd people into killing fields when you're ducking for cover from incoming gunfire.

Unarmed people go from this:

(Look at those photos. Look at their eye. Deep down, sadly, I think they know what's coming. Those photos also remind me of my close friends. The one on the lower right could easily be the sister of someone I know, and anyone who would do harm to them will have to step over my bullet-ridden corpse --That's buried beneath fired brass casings and fired shotgun shells.-- in order to do it.)

And after a little stay in a state-run facility, where the rules are the following:

(Human beings, made in the image and likeness of Almighty God, were actually treated that way, if that makes your blood boil, good! It shows you have some humanity left in you.)

And they end up looking like this:

Never give up your guns.

Anonymous said...

You really scared 'em.
Or not.
I think you'd best be sending money for lawyers to the ranch owners.

The government will not take their cattle. They'll use the courts to attach their savings, then their property, etc.
There is one point not much discussed here. That is that the ranchers are using what is legally federal property and not paying the fees, that other ranchers willingly pay. There is a bit of unfairness, that might be different if they paid, and then were being forced out.

Am glad you have all won this major battle against the government. And loved the pics of the weekend warriors.
But what major victory is this? Most folks will see the ranchers as in the wrong. And see the camouflaged warriors as over the top belligerence.
The ranchers have already lost in the courts. The Feds backed off, because they know all of this. And they will be back, with the lawyers and CPAs.

Anonymous said...

I love the comparison of the Fed. Gov. to the Khmer Rouge. That seems really relevant.
Amazing how over the top, the rhetoric here is.. there was never a Waco in the works. Your victory is over your own straw man.

If anything or anyone is being herded, it is most of the militia and belligerents here, who will be seen as dangerous and expendable. What will be remembered will be the pics of those aiming guns at Federal employees. Even Fox News will ultimately see you as the enemy. Better regroup.

Anonymous said...

"Weekend Warriors"? Funny coming from a Keyboard Komando, who thinks lawyers are going to protect the Bundys and their ranch? Cliven Bundy has been fighting the FEDS for 20 years in court. Sure the FEDS have jacked up the grazing fees with interest, penalties, legal fees, court costs, etc..., so they can tell the media that the Bundys are deadbeats who owe the government over 1 million dollars. In the past three weeks the government spent over $3 million to try and round up the man's cattle.

The militia is setting up a rotating guard for the Bundy Ranch. Perhaps the Bundys can open their ranch for year round militia training for years to come?

Anonymous said...

So fucking what Anon at 1:50 (4/14)?....let's just cut the crap. We ARE enemies. You're trying to steal our rights and we're done letting you.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:42 and 1:50:

Is that you trolling, Chris Byrne, or perhaps one of your sycophantic followers?

Anonymous said...

Anon. 6:03 (4/14).
No Crap, just questions. The Fed's now know how to get folks to rush into a trap, IMO.
Enemies?-Fine, I really don't care.

Anon. 6.53 (4/14).
No. I don't know any Byrne.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:57 (4/14)...

Well, at least you didn't bother denying that you seek to take our rights.