Thursday, April 24, 2014

In northern Indiana safe and sound.

Will head to NRA convention first thing in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Just read a article on Drudge about the NRA seeking a "national" law - reciprocity. It makes me laugh out loud because that already exists. It's called the SECOND AMENDMENT!

While at this "convention" Mike, would you be so kind as to ask around a bit to see if the "higher ups" of the NRA realize that they are trying to reinvent the wheel? Can you show them that the Supreme Law already IS "reciprocity"? And that the legislated law they seek is subordinate to the enumeration that ALREADY exists? Oh and that this "new" call for "reciprocity" flies in the face of their ONGOING "state preemption" position pushed in state after state after state?

As always- FUCK the lying, backstabbing, double talking and double dealing gun control group called the NRA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike.

While at the convention please inform them we ALREADY HAVE A NATIONAL PERMIT to BEAR ARMS. It's called the 2nd Amendment and does NOT say anything like, "unless said arms are concealed" or "as long as such arms are borne openly" etc.

Tell them to drop the 50 state permit BS and STAND AND FIGHT for CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY throughout the land, territory and possessions.

Thank you.


William Flatt said...

Stop by in Fortville, Indiana and say hi; Coffee, tea or milk, your choice - let's chat. It's on your way to Indy. Patriots are always welcome here. Comm: Seven-six-five 602 double ought 82.