Sunday, April 13, 2014

FAA ‘no fly’ zone over Bundy ranch reminiscent of Waco

Adding to the FAA “mystery” is a helicopter photo from The Las Vegas Review Journal showing a helicopter at the scene with numbers that some speculate have been altered, and that do not appear on the FAA registry. Combined with documentation of FBI helicopters being masked by private entity front group registrations, the situation cries for further oversight and scrutiny, including close monitoring of all aerial operations.


Paul X said...

Good luck with the investigations. Just another gunwalker probe. Laws are for the peons, not the rulers or their minions.

Anonymous said...

I'll repeat my suggestion that some of you guys out there with the smarts and gadgetry to start working on a cheap, civilian grade, garage built, ground to air heat or noise seeking missile.

Anonymous said...

Come on. Everybody knows this means deniablity, just in case you have to start murdering citizen and others because you were following your orders.

They understand that anyone caught afterwards will think that swinging from a hemp rope, was the very least of issues.

Great Geezer said...

From what I understand, the no fly zone is still in force. Tactical retreat?.............

SWIFT said...

I am so damn proud of the patriots, who exposed this potential alteration of aircraft numbers and also those who posted FCC frequency numbers for various government entities in Clark County and Lake Mead area. This confirms that the Patriot movement does have assets, that can and do, make a difference. A special blessing on you all.

Anonymous said...

Huh. Looks like that N number might have been N206TJ. Odd, there is an R44 II with that number.

Ah, must be a coincidence, surely.

No one would operate an aircraft with a false number, right?

Anonymous said...

There was note of an R/C jet plane running the skies at 362 mph a couple years ago. 1/4 scale, and with one of the newer radios, would have great range. Add a First Person Viewer goggle set to the rig and the operator could see what the plan sees.

Could scare the living hell out of a chopper pilot. Just be sure not to hit the chopper - at that speed, it would be fatal.

Anonymous said...

The N registration number mentioned in these threads supposedly belongs to:

Street 2217 W 2650 N

County IRON Zip Code 84721-8350

The R44 II is the model number for a Robinson Helo.
Let's look these folks up!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's more on the Helo company from Cedar City UT.

Entity Number: 7976456-0160
Company Type: LLC - Domestic
Address: 2217 West 2650 North Cedar City, UT 84721
State of Origin:
Registered Agent: Jason Carter
Registered Agent Address:
2217 West 2650 North
Cedar City, UT 84721

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the reason that airspace was closed in that area was because drones were active at the time?

And for what purpose, "backup", photos of faces and license plates to run through recognition software?