Monday, April 28, 2014

Just got off a briefing from Oath Keepers on the subject of the Bundy Ranch -- and a tornado's bearing down on me.

Wow. Don't believe what you're hearing from the "Payne Provocateur Party" at Bundy's. OK has their own story and they've got witnesses, receipts and more. They did a video conference of their own tonight and as soon as the links are up I will put it up and let you judge for yourself. Until then, I've got to shut down until the tornado passes.


Jim Klein said...

Mike, lots of people are following this story carefully, so I got a request.

This ain't the time to be jumping on handgrenades; we can at least wait until they come. What's needed are the FACTS---who said what to whom, who decided what and when, and especially who DID what and when.

People can do the dissecting and judging AFTER having the facts. I think this would be a great time to respect the rationality and good sense of free people, including blog readers. Of course to me, that's what it's all about anyway. Those who want others to think for them, already have politicians and mass media.

Most important IMO are the facts concerning the rumor of a drone strike. That was said FROM one person TO another, and then actions were taken. Without the specific details of who and when, the rest of the story won't amount to a hill of beans. And if it has to be the yawner, "a trusted source," then details MUST be provided as to who did the trusting and why.

Just a request. If you can accommodate, thanks.

Gary Hunt said...

The Bundy Affair - Oath Keepers vs. Militia - Part II
Go to
You will find the details you seek, there.

Anonymous said...

Those who are putting out propaganda against the oathkeepers are ignorant of the facts and have no idea what the oathkeepers mission truly is. I suppose knowing what a drone strike can do some would rather keep the Bundy's in danger. There is so much wrong with these militia guys/ gals spouting off at the mouths that its not amusing. They have by doing this given up valuable intell and tactical info in ways some of them cannot begin to fathom, putting Mr Bundy and the protectors in danger. Why. EGO... This is why we have trouble organizing for our rights and freedoms because of hot heads and big mouths like the militia leader at the bundy ranch.

T-Bob said...

As for the Drone Strike rumor...
According to all of the crazy documents from DHS to Fusion Centers and other LEO agencies, the Feds obviously do believe they have the authority to use those tools, on our citizens here at home. After all isn't that what Rands long filibuster was about?

After the events of Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC and other more controversial events....I wouldn't put anything past them.

The four likely cases were:
1. Clear folks off the spot to execute their raid.

2. Flush a mole who had been leaking intel to the OK'ers. They might have leaked slightly different stories to different groups of agents or individuals.

3. PSY-OPS: To make them look like tinfoil hatters to the public, or stage this infighting (with additional cast members maybe)

4. They thought about actually doing it.

Pick one. I have spent all day trying to get folks to not air their dirty laundry all over the internet. If we want folks to grow the hairs to back us, this kind of crap doesn't help.

Frankly I am SHOCKED at how fast the general peanut gallery turned on Stewart and the loyal OK'ers. I's not like Militia groups aren't FAMOUS for being infiltrated.

Anonymous said...

Bundy's ranch, Bundy's fight, Bundy's rules. I was there for the "battle" when Cliven said time is up for the Sheriff to kick the BLM out, we made our way to the wash. When his son's reached an agreement with Dan Love, and they asked us to move back we backed up. The Bundy's have been fighting this for 20 yrs. no group can come in and take over. Thanks to EVERYONE who was (and is) there the cattle are free and the Bundy are safe. In fighting is a waste of time and energy. Keep your powder dry and watch your 6.

Anonymous said...

Yea and the two "sides" of this pissing match better slap themselves upside their heads and cut the crap!

Everyone that had/has asses and assets at the Bundy ranch needs to be proud and congratulated for what they have done and are doing. All members of the patriot movement need to hang together or .gov will hang us seperatly for sure.

This is the time to be building community/s and learning from good and bad decisions and building links to other organizations as well as local community/s and the American people. IF somebody doesn't like OK or Mike or CA or whoever---don't go to the bar with them! But for all that is holy--give respect to them and shake their hand while you go to your tribe.

The winners of all major wars and creators of nations make pacts, treaties, cooalitions with like minded groups even if they didn't believe in EXACTLY the same things, goals or even liked the guy/s---there's a country and patriots to save!

Anonymous said...

Aside from this site, what other sites report factual information from the Bundy Ranch? Neither the Oath Keepers or the Bundy site seem to have up-to-date, detailed coverage.

Allen said...

divide and conquer. start false rumors of an upcoming raid to separate the not-so-dedicated from the group.

been there, done that. sweeney siege hamilton,MA 1998

they should establish a "ready reserve force" based both off-site and with various rally points around the area for more to come as needed.

on-site people have one job.. DELAY. slow down any raid force until the RRF can come in behind.

sure, the raiders might get in. they may even get who they came for. but getting out..well..the redcoats had a hard time getting back to boston after concord.

Anonymous said...

COMPOST of freedom dot com is more like it.